What Is The Best Chainsaw Chain For A Beginner?

The right chainsaw chain increases the controlled performance of tasks without any hassles. But there is more to a chain than a beginner might think. So, what do you need to know about the best chainsaw chain for a beginner?

The best chainsaw chain for a beginner to use is a chisel semi-skip chain. This chain is aggressive and efficient enough for a beginner to handle. It provides proper cutting action as quickly and deep as possible. Risks of the chain getting stuck or causing any kickbacks during operation are minimal.

Let’s take a closer look at the safest chain components for a beginner.

The Safest Chainsaw Chain for a Beginner

Chainsaws come with a lot of potential danger which is why it’s so important to have the safest protocols and best fitting chain. For a beginner, the chisel semi-skip chain is the safest chainsaw chain. It is an all-round reliable chain and perfect for someone with little to no sawing experience. The chisel semi-skip chain isn’t as aggressive as a full chisel chain but will get the job done with lower risks of kickback. It’s ideal for minor jobs such as cutting firewood and light tree felling.

With that said, there is a large variety of chainsaw chains available in the market today. They all differ depending on pitch, cutter style, cutter material, and chain arrangement. Every single chain has a different characteristic that’s suited for different machines or skill levels. If you are looking at chains other than our recommended one, you need to make sure that the gauge, length, and pitch are all compatible.

To get the right chain for your chainsaw, you need to know the size of your guide bar. You also need to have an idea of what you intend to use the chainsaw for most. To help you out, we have an article all about the best chainsaw bar length.

The Best Pitch and Gauge for a Beginner

what a beginner needs to know about their chainsaw chainThe best chainsaw pitch for a beginner is the 3/8-inch mini-pitch. The best chainsaw gauge for a beginner is 0.050” or 1.3mm.

A chainsaw chain with a 3/8-inch mini-pitch is perfect for small chains that are needed in a high-production environment. Additionally, a gauge of 0.050” is not too light and not too heavy, making it the best choice for balance and maximum cutting speed. A thicker chainsaw gauge is definitely stronger but heavier. Weight affects performance. So, to ensure that maximum cutting speed is achieved, weight should be kept to a minimum.

It’s especially important to have the right measurements for your chain to safely use your chainsaw in this environment. Both the pitch the gauge are important components of the chainsaw chain. It is because of them that there are no universal chainsaw chains. To help you understand more about the best pitch and gauge for you, let’s check out each component to help you understand them well.

Quick chainsaw chain pitch guide for a beginner

The pitch is the distance between the drive links. It is usually marked on the chainsaw machine itself and if not, you can find it in your machine’s handbook.

When you’re looking for a new chainsaw for sale, it’s a great idea to talk to the shop staff. Here at Canberra Diamond Blade, we offer chainsaw repair and services, so we have the information you need. You can ask staff about the best pitch and gauge for the tasks the chainsaw will be used for.

Commonly, the larger the pitch size, the bigger and heavier the chainsaw chain will be, and vice-versa. Here is a rough idea of the pitch sizes you can find in the market:

¼ Inch PitchChainsaw chains with this size of pitch are extremely lightweight and help create smooth clean cuts. They are actually recommended for chainsaws with engines up to 38cc.
Pixel 3/8 Inch Mini PitchThese chainsaw chains are usually lightweight and have low kickback. They come recommended for battery chainsaws as they don’t need a lot of power to perform.
3/8 Inch Mini Pitch

(Recommended for a beginner)

These size chainsaw chains are built for small chainsaws that are utilized in high production environments. They usually work best on chainsaw engines less than 45cc.
Pixel .325 Inch PitchThis size of chainsaw chains is usually narrow. Therefore, they have low vibrations and fewer kickbacks. They shouldn’t be used on chainsaws with an engine power that’s between 35cc to 5cc. Additionally, they are not recommended for heavy work such as felling trees or large tree branches.
.325 Inch PitchA .325 Inch Pitch chain can operate with engines power between 35cc to 60cc. These kinds of chainsaw chains are excellent as they maintain low vibrations all while offering more power.
3/8 Inch PitchThis kind of chainsaw can handle more strength and can work with a chainsaw engine between 50 to 100cc. They are recommendable if you are working in a high production environment. They offer substantial cutting speed, low weight, adequate strength, and good flexibility.
.404 Inch PitchThe .404 Inch pitch is the largest and most aggressive chainsaw chain out of all of them. It’s perfect for heavy-duty work and is used for cutting through timber on a large scale. Not only is this chain super-fast, but it also offers excellent performance.


Quick chainsaw chain gauge guide for a beginner

The chain gauge refers to the thickness of the drive links. To find the chain gauge size of your chainsaw, check your machine for labels or look through your manufacturer’s handbook.

A gauge that is too thick or too loose for your chainsaw will struggle to gain the right traction. The main different gauge sizes for chainsaw chains are:

  • 0.043” (1.1 mm) chainsaw chain
  • 0.050” (1.3 mm) chainsaw chain (Recommended for a beginner)
  • 0.058” (1.5 mm) chainsaw chain
  • 0.063” (1.6 mm) chainsaw chain

The Safest Brand for a Beginner

safest chainsaw chain guide for a beginnerNow that you understand the best pitch and gauge for your chainsaw chain, it’s time that you find a chainsaw brand that you trust. There are a variety of different brands in the market that offer quality, safe chainsaws. However, for a beginner especially, we recommend getting a Husqvarna chainsaw and chain.

Husqvarna is regarded as one of the oldest and best chainsaw brands in the world. Most professionals agree that it provided superior performance compared to other brands in the market today. They have an impressive line of professional-grade machines that can handle significant use. When it comes to safety, they are hands-down the safest brand in the market right now and perfect for a beginner to learn with.

Canberra Diamond Blade offer both petrol Husqvarna chainsaws for sale and battery Husqvarna chainsaws for sale. We can help you find the perfect chainsaw for your intended use. We also have plenty of chainsaw chains for sale, so that you can get the best saw chain for the task at hand. You can also check out our other resources. We have an article about the chainsaw chain that cuts the fastest. Want to know what makes a chainsaw chain aggressive? If you have more questions, we’re always happy to help!

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