The Best Time To Mow Your Lawn Year Round

Luscious green grass on your lawn adds to the perfect picture of your home and the key to healthy grass is proper care. Lots of people will give you different advice, so let us help clear up the debate a bit. What is the best time to mow your lawn?

Generally, gardeners agree that mid-morning, from 8 am to 10 am, is the best time to mow your lawn. This allows the dew to dry and leaves room to mow before the heat of the day arrives, keeping you safe from heatstroke. It also lets the yard recover and prepare for the night-time weather change.

So, if you heard that the morning was the best time to mow your lawn, you heard right—you just need to be a bit more precise than that. Read on to find out more.

Why is morning considered the best time to mow?

There are a few reasons why morning is considered the best time to mow, but the biggest involves grass healing time after being cut. After mowing your lawn, the grass needs warmth across the day to dry out and heal. By mowing in the morning, the lawn has the rest of the day and early evening to use dry out. This time will also prepare the grass for the cooler night air, preventing damage from frost. This healing is important to prevent fungi and turf diseases affecting your lawn.

When grass is first cut, the raw edge is exposed, just like a sore on our skin. Across the day, with the heat, the grass creates a protective layer over this edge. This will prevent frost and fungi from affecting and killing the grass.

You do need to break down the morning into two distinct parts to make sure you pick the right time. These two sections are early morning and mid-morning. The mid-morning is the best time to mow your lawn because the dew will have dried up. This is between 8 am and 10 am. Before 8 am, the dew is still blanketing the lawn and will make it a bit wet for mowing. Closer to 10 am is a better time because the grass should be drier.

Are there times when it is bad to mow?

There certainly are times when it’s bad to mow, such as early morning. Any time before 8 am is considered too early for mowing because the grass is covered with dew. The dew makes the ground wet and mowing wet grass can damage the roots of your lawn. It also risks damaging the mower itself.

Is it better to mow your lawn in the morning or evening?

Other times to try and avoid mowing includes midday and early afternoon. This is when the temperature is often at its highest, or there is a lot of rain. The heat of the day tends to be highest between 11 am and 2 pm. Across these hours the sun reaches its highest point. This does dry off your turf so that you aren’t mowing wet grass. But risks too much sun exposure when mowing to yourself and your lawn. Staying sun smart is important for your safety. Also mowing at this time can expose the bottom layer of your lawn to the heat and can damage the roots.

Mowing later in the evening can be as harmful to your grass as midday. The air is cooler which will prevent potential heatstroke, but your grass can be exposed to diseases and fungal infections. Plus, it won’t have the time to recover before nightfall and will stay exposed to these risks until midmorning the next day.

If you can’t mow the lawn in the mid-morning, then your best chance is in the mid-afternoon. The weather is still somewhat warm but not too hot to pose a danger, and the lawn will have enough time to recover before nightfall. If your best option is a morning window, but a bit too early for the dew to be gone, there are still options for you! Investing in a ride-on mower has great benefits including being able to mow damp grass without destroying it. Maybe it’s time to check out quality ride-on mowers for sale and make a change!

Should you mow the lawn when it’s hot?

You should mow your lawn in warm weather, but not as often. Be aware that hot weather increases your risk of sun exposure and heat stroke. Mowing in warm weather is good for your grass because it will have dried from morning dew and should have time to recover before nightfall. But if the weather is particularly hot your grass and soil can dry out and mowing in the heat won’t help. You would be exposing the bottom layer of grass to the direct power of the heat, and it won’t stay hydrated. This exposure can permanently damage your grass.

Is it bad to cut grass in hot weather?

It’s good to mow your grass less often in the warmer months because the grass has a chance to strengthen its roots. This will increase its durability against hot weather. In these times of the year, it is recommended to mow in some of the coolest points of the day. This will allow the grass to recover before intense heat and nightfall.

When should you mow the lawn in hot weather?

In hot weather, you should aim to mow in the cooler times of day, generally mid-morning and mid-afternoon. This is between 10 am and 11 am, and 2:30 pm and 4 pm.

If you live in a climate that has days of hot and dry weather, you might need to mow early morning. This gives your lawn a chance to heal before the heat rises too much. But you shouldn’t be mowing your grass as often so that it can build stronger roots to hold against the heat. You should also be making sure you water your grass more regularly.

Be sure to take safety precautions when gardening in the heat too. You need to stay hydrated and cover-up so that you aren’t exposed to too much sun. Use sunscreen, hats, pants, and long sleeve tops. You can wear light material but covering up will protect you from harsh sun rays and is vital for sun-safe garden practices. You should invest in products like Mack protective safety sunglasses to stay safe working in the sun.

It’s better to keep your grass a bit longer during the hotter times of the year. This reduces the space for weeds which will leave more water for the grass. It will also increase the density of the turf which will result in your grass eventually needing less water.

So, your biggest enemy when mowing your lawn is going to be excessive heat. As long as you take steps to avoid the worst heat of the day, you should not have a problem cutting your lawn in hot weather.

Looking for more information about lawn care and grass cutting? We have the answers! Check out our resources for mowing and landscaping advice. We answer questions like ‘Does cutting grass make it spread?’ Giving you all you need to know for a great garden! If you’re finding your mower isn’t working properly, Canberra Diamond Blade also offers mower repairs in Canberra.

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