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guest blogging contributions

Here at CDBS Construction and Garden we are happy to cooperate with other bloggers across construction, DIY building, landscaping and garden.

As we are an Australian business, we love to support other Australians where possible. We strongly encourage Australian bloggers and business owners such as builders, plumbers, bricklayers, stonemasons, concreters, landscapers, arborists, groundskeepers, renderers, etc.

We do also accept bloggers from other countries.

Guest Post Guidelines

We are accepting guest posts that are high quality and provide helpful content. No promotional posts with your brand name in the topic. Articles need to be helpful such as Tips, How to etc..

Please review our website, to ensure that any topic proposals are related to our scope. Our blog is located here.

If your idea and website url is approved, we will provide guidance on how we want your article structured. We help genuine bloggers in getting their article to meet our quality requirements. Our aim is to make sure that the article gets traffic, which will strengthen the backlink reference to the guest blogger as well as ensuring the integrity of our website.

Any computer scrapped content, content that is clearly not written by native speakers, or generally poor quality content will be rejected. Blog submissions need to be unique and not published elsewhere before and after being published on our website. We have final editing say on any article we consider for publishing and can reject the blog at any point of the process.

Each blog post needs to be at minimum 1000 words.

Payment is not accepted.

How to Submit a Guest Post Proposal

If you would like to submit a guest post idea, please contact us at

and provide us with the following information

– the topic you wish to write about

– the website url and name you wish to link back to.

Do not write any article until we have approved your proposal.

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