Where to Buy Cloth Masks for Kids

The reason that experts recommend that people wear a mask when they go into public is because germs can spread just by talking. While kids don’t legally have to wear a mask, it you know it is a good idea to get them to wear a cloth mask. It seems obvious, kids can spread germs just the same as adults. But the main issue is that, while it is pretty easy these days to find adult masks, you might be wondering where to buy cloth masks for kids.

If you are wondering where to buy a cloth mask for kids, we have them in store. Our kids cloth masks for sale are three layers of cotton with a slot for a filter. This means you can choose to use them either as just a cotton mask or add a PM2.5 filter. These masks are dispatched directly from Canberra to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia wide.

So what are the best options of face masks for kid? When it comes to buying face masks for your kids, we have got you covered. Read on to learn more.

Cloth Mask for Children

Since your child’s face is much smaller, you should not use an adult size face mask on them. This is because they will fit too loosely, and have large gaps reducing their protective potential.

Thankfully, there is no reason you need to cut corners, and we have some great options for buying face masks for children. So if you are wondering where to buy cloth masks for kids, you are in luck as we have you covered!

Kids mask with filter

Did you know that you can buy quality kids masks with a filter from us? Our reusable cloth masks for children are made from three layers of cotton, and have a pocket where you can choose to add a reusable filter for additional protection.

kids cloth mask with filter

We also have two different sizes of kids masks for sale, as let’s face it one size won’t fit all!

  • Ages 2-8 (14.5cm wide x 11cm high)
  • Ages 8-14 (16.5cm wide x 12cm high)

Each children’s mask comes with 4 disposable filters so you can choose to use a filter or not. We also sell the reusable filters online, and they are rated PM2.5. This provides the mask with superior protection from and direct sprays of particles from someone facing your child.


Kids Mask with Adjustable Straps

Our kids cloth masks come with fantastic adjustable straps. Even though we offer two size ranges for kids, the adjustable straps are really the thing that makes it possible for kids at different ages to wear the same masks.

What is the best face mask for kids?

Face masks should ideally be comfortable, breathable, and fit around the face without any gaps.  While you can get smaller, disposable surgical face masks, the best option for kids are reusable cloth masks. 

A cloth mask for children is generally a similar designed as surgical mask, but since they are cotton they are more comfortable to wear with high breathability. Cloth masks have several great selling points.  They are reusable, which means that you can wash them instead of having to keep re-stocking your supply. And we all know how wasteful kids can be, so sometimes the reusable option is just the most sensible option.

The cloth mask should have multiple layers of fabric like our three layer cloth masks, and adjustable earloops which can helpful when trying to get it to fit snugly on your little one’s face.

At what age can children start wearing face masks?

Children can start to wear face masks after 2 years of age.  Never try to put a face mask or face covering on a child under 2; it puts them at risk of suffocation, strangulation and choking.  Their best protection is to keep them at home, or if you must go out, maintain social distancing, keep the pram roof down and try to minimise time spent in public spaces.

How to get my child to wear a mask

If your child is nervous about wearing a face mask, finding them a fun pattern that they like can go a long way towards making them more comfortable with it. Our kids cloth masks for sale can help with this with our three different pattern choices.

Now you know where to buy kids cloth masks, you can show them the patterns and let them choose. Then your kids can show off their own individual style in their mask with cool colours and patterns! All helping to make wearing masks a lot more fun and a little less scary for kids.

Another thing you should do before you put masks on the kids is have a conversation with them to make sure they understand why they’re wearing the mask.

You need to check that it fits properly and that they don’t feel like it is impacting their breathing.  Otherwise, chances are you’ll find that they try to take it off. 

It can take a little while for them to get used to wearing the mask, especially if they are young, so be patient. Having something covering your nose and mouth can also be distracting and feel restrictive if you aren’t used to it.  Keep an eye on your children to check that they aren’t pulling on, or continually touching their masks. 

If you find that wearing a mask makes your kids touch their face more often than when they don’t wear it, it may be a better option to leave the mask off and rely on social distancing and minimising time in public.

Where to Buy Children’s Cloth Face Masks

We have face masks for sale here through our website, including children’s masks. We offer both reusable and disposable masks for kids. 

Though wearing masks isn’t mandatory for children under the age of 12, it pays to take precautions, and protect them, as well as yourself.

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