Construction and Garden Machinery Service and Repair

Have you ever had to wait for ages while a retailer sent your equipment away to be fixed?

Was it inconvenient? Did it hold you up?

Mower Repairs Canberra

If your business relies on your tools, maybe this prevented you from finishing jobs…

Did you know that we service and repair construction and garden machinery in Canberra? Our experienced mechanics are onsite in our workshop which is located out the back of our retail showroom. This means that we have fast turn around times – ultimately saving you time and money.

As we service and repair equipment, we know machinery inside and out. You can have confidence that the machinery and tools we sell is up to the job. It won’t let you down when you need it most.

What types of machinery do we service and repair?

It doesn’t matter what brand your machinery is, we have a network of suppliers for spare parts. So we can service and repair many brands, even the ones we don’t sell. On top of that, you can be assured your machine is in the best hands as we are an authorised warranty agent for a number of leading brands, as well as being a Husqvarna Service Centre for the region.

We are even an authorised warranty agent for numerous brands that we can’t sell as they are for sale only through specific chains. So whether you need a simple mower repair, chainsaw repair or you have construction machinery that you rely on for your business – we have the equipment and skills right here in Canberra to sort you out nice and quickly.

We are a repairer for types of small to medium construction and garden machinery. This is not limited to just lawn mower repairs, or a new drive belt for your concrete mixer.

Chainsaw repairs Canberra

We service and repair machinery such as:

– light to heavy duty saw repair eg. demo saw, road saw, bricksaws

– trowel machine and ride on trowel machine

– cement mixer

– tamping rammer

– vibratory compactor

– chainsaw repair

– blowers

– line trimmer

– pressure washer

– log splitter

– mower repairs (lawn mower service and repairs and ride on mower service and repair)

– fire fighting pump repair and service and repair

Construction machinery repair and service

CDBS Construction and Garden Centre have been in the construction industry game since 1993, selling tools and repairing construction machinery. We know this gear inside out and have a huge selection of spare parts ready in our workshop to ensure we can get your gear back on the jobsite as quickly as possible. We are the specialised warranty agents for leading construction machinery brands such as Husqvarna, Wacker Neuson, Hoppt, Bartell, Masterfinish.

Mower repairs Canberra

We provide Canberra mower services and repair in our Garden Centre within Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers. Our mechanics are experts in lawnmower repair services for quality lawnmowers brands that we stock such as Husqvarna, Briggs and Stratton (Victa), John Deere, Stihl, Toro, Cub Cadet (MTD) and Rover.

But we don’t just provide Canberra mower services for only the brands we stock, we also service and repair other leading mower brands such as Stihl, Toro, and Masport.

So if you need a lawn mower service in Canberra stop by our repair shop in Mitchell, Canberra – so we can help you out.

Check out our Canberra mower service page for more information

Chainsaw Repairs Canberra

Need a new chainsaw chain or guide bar? Is your chainsaw hard to start?

Our mechanics offer chainsaw service and repair so there is no need to worry, we stock a wide range of chainsaw spare parts and can get your chainsaw back into working order. With our onsite chainsaw repairers, you know that we will have your chain saw repaired and back in tip top shape before you know it.

We also repair blowers, pressure washers, line trimmers and much more.

Lawn Mower Spare parts and more for machinery in Canberra

If you have the mechanical skills to do your own repairs, at Canberra Mower Suppliers we also sell spare parts direct to the public from our repair shop in Mitchell ACT, or we can post it to you across Australia.

So if you need a new cement mixer drive belt or bearing… or maybe you need a pull start for your chainsaw or quick cut. Even if its just a lawnmower air filter, spark plug, or a line trimmer head or more complicated spare parts like engines and carburettors – we can help you out. We have a huge range of spare parts for sale onsite ready to help you out.

We stock a huge range of spare parts for leading brands such as:

– Victa mower blades, Victa lawn mower spare parts

– Husqvarna mower blades, and chains, Husqvarna spare parts across all of their garden and construction

– Cub Cadet mower blades, Cub Cadet parts for their ride on mowers

– Rover mower parts and blades

– Tractor slasher blades

And if we don’t have it, don’t worry. We have an extensive network of suppliers and will do our best to get it in for you.

Canberra Mower Centre Mitchell and Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers

Recently Canberra Mower Centre closed in Fyshwick and Mitchell after operating for over a decade. In close partnership with Canberra Mower Centre, Canberra Mower Suppliers has opened in their Mitchell showroom and will continue to provide you with the Husqvarna garden products and other leading brands.

Rest assured, your sales history and warranty details have all been transferred over from Canberra Mower Centre Fyshwick and Canberra Mower Centre Mitchell to Canberra Mower Suppliers, Mitchell.

So come and visit us in Mitchell at 3 of 48 Sandford Street so we can continue Canberra Mower Centre Mitchell’s great work in providing the leading brands and the best service.

Paver Cutting Service Canberra

Did you know that you can get your paver cutting and brick cutting done for you at Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers? We know that with many DIY projects, people don’t have the specialised machinery to make those few cuts. Not to mention, learning how to handle dangerous cutting equipment.

Well, we are a professional diamond tool supplier, who not only has the cutting machinery available for hire. But we can also do paver cutting for you right here in Mitchell, Canberra.

What you need to do is to draw on your pavers where you want the cut, and we will give you a quote. Then we make the cuts for you- it’s that easy.

It is hard to say the cost without seeing your product, but for a couple of paver cuts it will definitely be much better value for money (and faster) than hiring out the machinery and doing it yourself!

For DIY projects this is:
1. the safest way as you don’t need to handle dangerous machinery.
2. cost effective, as you don’t need to hire professional tools
3. providing a professional result.

Common Questions and Answers

What is included in a chainsaw service

For a basic chainsaw service from us you can expect:
1. New Spark Plug
2. Replacement Fuel
3. Clean Air Filter
4. Sharpening of chainsaw chain

What is included in a lawn mower service?

For a basic lawnmower service you can expect:
1. Replacement Spark Plug
2. Clean Fuel
3. New Air Filter
4. Sharpening or replacement mower blades

How much is a chainsaw service?

A basic chainsaw service without any repairs will cost approximately $145. A chainsaw service usually includes, a new spark plug, replacement fuel and replacement air filter.

How much does it cost to sharpen chainsaw chains?

It generally costs $15 – $20 to get your chainsaw chain sharpened professionally depending on the length of the chain. As part of our service we will also refit chain to your chainsaw.

Where can I find replacement chainsaw chain in Canberra?

Replacement Chainsaw Chains can be found at your local mower centre in Mitchell, Canberra Mower Suppliers. If you do not know how to fit your chainsaw chain, we can even take care of this for you.

Is there a brick cutting service, or paver cutting service in Canberra?

Bring your bricks and pavers in so we can provide professional brick cutting and paver cutting in Canberra. You just need to mark-up your bricks and pavers so we can make the cuts exactly where you need them.

How do I know if my chainsaw needs sharpening?

If you are experiencing the following you may need to sharpen your chain:
1. You should not have to force a cut. This means that you should not need to apply too much pressure to the chainsaw to achieve the cut.
2. Check the sawdust being made during a cut. A sharp chain sprays out thin shavings whereas a dull chain sends out fine sawdust.
3. The cut is no longer precise and may rattle and bounce or pull to the side.

Is it worth sharpening a chainsaw chain?

A dull chainsaw chain can get stuck in the wood and cause a dangerous kickback. In fact, chainsaw kickback is one of the most common causes of chainsaw injury. A chain can be sharpened 4-5 times before you need a replacement chainsaw chain. It is cheaper to sharpen a chainsaw chain than to purchase a new one

From Lawn Mower repairs to Construction Machinery – repaired locally in our Canberra workshop

If you need your machinery serviced or repaired just give us a call on 02 6242 8996 or drop in at 3 of 48 Sandford Street, Mitchell, ACT.

Did you know that we also have face masks available with Australia wide delivery?

Want to see what we have for sale, browse through our online store and online Canberra lawn mower center. We have some spare parts online, but due to how many there are it is best to call us or pop in to see us in our Mitchell shop 3/48 Sandford Street, Mitchell, Canberra, ACT!

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