Chainsaw Bar Filling With Sawdust? Here’s What To Do!

Chainsaws are handy pieces of equipment, helping us to clear brush, fell trees, and cut firewood since their creation. But they can be tricky tools to get your head around, and they require appropriate maintenance to function properly. So, what do you do if your chainsaw bar fills with sawdust?

If your chainsaw bar fills with sawdust, you should ensure that the chain is tensioned properly and that you are using the correct gauge. Also, check whether the chain is blunt. These are all common causes for sawdust in your chainsaw bar and can be fixed with a maintenance service at a repair shop.

If your chainsaw bar is filling with sawdust, read the handy tips below to get your equipment back in top shape.

How Does Sawdust Fill Your Chainsaw Bar?

Improper chain tension on your chainsaw increases the likelihood of sawdust filling your chainsaw bar. This is because there is a larger gap for sawdust to fill into between the chain and bar. Often, this is one of the most common ways sawdust fills your chainsaw bar.

Another reason that sawdust could be filling your chainsaw bar is that your chain is dull. When the chain is dull, it creates fine sawdust instead of larger and coarser chips. The finer dust can enter the bar much deeper and easier. If you’ve noticed more sawdust than usual, consider replacing the chain itself to prevent further damage to the bar.

How To Properly Clean Sawdust From The Chainsaw Bar

What happens if sawdust gets into your chainsaw bar?

Cleaning the chainsaw chain and guide bar helps to preserve the longevity of your chainsaw. To do this, put the chainsaw in a safe position on a steady workbench, making sure that it moves around as little as possible.

If you’re using an electric saw, ensure that it is unplugged before you start cleaning as you don’t want to electrocute yourself! Similarly, if you’re using a battery-powered saw, like a Husqvarna 14-inch 535i XP chainsaw, remove the battery. If you have a petrol operated chainsaw like a Husqvarna 16-inch 440e ii chainsaw, we recommend draining the fuel tank and disconnect the spark plug. These safety precautions will prevent the chainsaw from turning on whilst you clean.

Then, remove the chain from the guide bar by using the controls to loosen the slack of the chain until you can slide it off. Set the chain aside. After that, you can start to clean the guide bar of debris.

You can use a specific guide bar groove cleaner tool to do this. A bar groove cleaner is a small piece of pressed metal with a hook on the end. This allows you to get into all of the little nooks and crannies, removing sawdust as you go. If your guide bar is only slightly dirty, you can use a rag to clean it. Alternatively, you could use compressed air to blast away the gunk.

If you’re not sure how to properly clean your chainsaw, or you want to make sure it is properly serviced, you can always get a maintenance check. Here at Canberra Diamond Blade, we offer chainsaw repair and maintenance services to help you with concerns like the bar filling with sawdust.

Can You Prevent Sawdust From Filling Chainsaw Bar?

There are a few ways to prevent sawdust from filling the chainsaw bar. Firstly, make sure that the chain is tensioned properly. Loose chains allow for more sawdust build-up to occur between the bar and chain.

A correctly tensioned chainsaw chain should still be slightly loose on the chainsaw guide bar. But it needs to be tight enough so you cannot pull the drive links out of the bar nose. If you pull the chain away from the guide bar and the links don’t remain engaged to the bar, then your tension is off. You will need to have the chain adjusted. A stretched and loose chainsaw chain can be dangerous, which is why you need to regularly check the chain tension.

Secondly, make sure that you are using the correct gauge chain for your model of chainsaw.  If you’ve selected a chain that is too small for your saw, it will leave excess room for sawdust to collect. So, make sure the chain matches what the bar requires by checking the manual or asking your closest chainsaw dealer.

What Happens If Sawdust Is In Your Chainsaw Bar?

Too much sawdust and grime in your chainsaw bar can actually jam the chain oiler mechanism. The chain oiler is necessary because it pumps your chainsaw oil into the bar groove which the chain picks up whilst operating. This helps to lubricate the chain and decrease friction on the bar, keeping your chainsaw running smoothly.

Can you prevent sawdust from filling your chainsaw bar?

If your oil tank is full but you’re still experiencing issues with your chainsaw, then your bar and chain oiler probably need to be cleaned. It will most likely have sawdust and grime build-up. To do this, remove the chain and bar and get rid of all of the gunk inside. Make sure to clean the oil holes on both sides of the bar. This is because sawdust prevents oil from reaching all parts of the chain and may damage your equipment. So, you need to make sure you clean the ins and outs of the whole bar. Just make sure that you follow proper chainsaw use safety precautions when doing any maintenance or chainsaw work.

Can you prevent sawdust from filling your chainsaw bar?

What Else Can Build-Up In a Chainsaw Bar?

Lots of damaging substances besides sawdust can build up in a chainsaw bar that will reduce the saw’s performance over time. This includes tree sap which is very sticky and difficult to get rid of. But cleaning products like WD-40 can help to remove it. If you let the product soak on the bar for a few minutes, the sap should come right off.

Another common product to build up on a chainsaw bar is bar oil. As mentioned, bar oil helps to prevent the chain from burning and reduces friction between the bar and the chain. But, too much of it, especially when mixed together with sawdust can lead to a lot of nasty grime. This is usually black in colour, so you should notice when build-up occurs.

You should regularly take preventative measures to keep your chainsaw in the best condition possible. Whether it’s replacing the chain or adjusting the tension, you should aim to check over your chainsaw after every use to prevent issues from arising. The more care you give your chainsaw, the more you can carry on using it to your heart’s content. This will promote the longevity of your chainsaw’s lifespan.

If you are looking for more chainsaw help and advice, you should check out some of our other chainsaw articles. We have tips about what chainsaw chain cuts the fastest, chainsawing a wet tree and much more! Don’t forget to check out our petrol and battery Husqvarna chainsaw range, as well as our selection of saw chains! Have more questions? Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers are always more than happy to give you a hand!

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