What To Do When Your Chainsaw Doesn’t Cut Straight

Chainsaws are meant to make straight and smooth cuts, but sometimes this stops being the case. A chainsaw that doesn’t cut straight makes getting your job done a lot harder. So, we’re here to help answer your questions about what to do when your chainsaw doesn’t cut straight.

If your chainsaw isn’t cutting straight, the cutter teeth should be examined first as uneven cutter teeth cause angled cuts. If the problem isn’t the cutter teeth, the chain will guide you to the problem area on the chainsaw. Most of the time, this problem can be solved with a maintenance service.

How to Tell If Your Chainsaw Isn’t Cutting Straight?

The most common characteristic of a chain that doesn’t cut straight is pulling to one side. You will have difficulty maintaining a straight line while cutting because your chainsaw will cut at an angle or curve.

A well-maintained chainsaw chain can cut through several kinds of materials without much hassle. If your chainsaw isn’t properly maintained, it is more prone to damage that will create angled cuts.

So, if your chainsaw is not cutting straight, it’s a sign that it requires maintenance. Usually, the solution is routine blade maintenance. But, sometimes, it could also be a sign that there is a bigger problem. Some problems are a little challenging even for professional chainsaw users to figure out. Since you are most likely to encounter this problem more than once, we recommend that you learn what causes a chainsaw not to cut straight.

What causes a chainsaw to cut crooked?

In general, there are several reasons why your chainsaw is not cutting straight. The chainsaw’s chain might be dull on both sides, the chain’s tension might not be adequate, or the chain’s thickness might be less than the groove’s width. All these problems suggest that the chainsaw hasn’t been properly maintained which is not something you want for your new battery chainsaw. Let’s look at some of these problems that cause your chainsaw to not cut straight:

The chainsaw chain is not sharpened properly

If your chain is not sharpened properly, then chances are that one side has teeth longer than the other. If the teeth are longer on one side, then your chainsaw will most definitely not cut straight. This condition could be caused by your chain hitting a rock, nail, or dirt while it’s running. The impact can damage the blades of one side of the chainsaw chain.

Fixing a chainsaw that isn't cutting straightThe chainsaw chain is loose

If your chainsaw chain is loosely fitted on your chainsaw bar, it can flip to the side and start cutting on an angle. You want to always make sure that your chain fits snuggly on the bar.

The chainsaw chain width is too thin

If you take a look at your chain, you will notice that it has tooth-shaped drivers that fit into the groove of the chainsaw bar. If the thickness of these drivers is less than the bar groove’s thickness, then chances are that the chain will wiggle around. This will cause the chainsaw to shift sideways while cutting.

The chainsaw bar’s groove is worn out

Other times, you will notice that your chain will still flop to the side even when the width is equal to the bar’s groove. This happens when the bar’s groove is worn out after continued use. The groove’s width expands wider than its original width. As a result, the chain wiggles in the groove and therefore doesn’t cut straight.

The chainsaw bar rails are uneven

Rails are the two edges that form the bar’s groove. They support the chain on both sides and help in keeping it vertical. Sometimes, due to continued use, the rails wear out. When they do, one of the rails might become higher than the other. This causes the chain to rest on the rail in an angled manner which might result in an angled cut.

How do I stop my chainsaw from cutting crooked?

It is possible to fix a chainsaw that isn’t cutting straight. If it’s a simple problem, the solution might be as easy as sharpening the chain until it’s even. But, if it’s a larger underlying problem, then you might need the services of a professional to help you fix it. Canberra Diamond Blade offers chainsaw maintenance, repair, and service to help with these kinds of problems. It’s important to properly maintain your chainsaw to make sure that it is safe for sawing use when you need it. Below we take a look at some of the ways that you can fix a chainsaw that won’t cut straight.

How Do You Fix a Chainsaw That Won’t Cut Straight?

There are a variety of reasons that could cause your chainsaw not to cut straight. Because of this, there are different options to fix your chainsaw:

  1. Figuring out if your chainsaw isn't cutting straightSharpening the chainsaw chain properly

The best way to eliminate this problem is to sharpen your chainsaw properly. Your chain condition matters for any chainsaw use. So, you need to make sure that you are sharpening the chainsaw chain properly. This includes checking that all the chain’s teeth cutters are equally sharpened and maintaining this as best you can.

  1. Adjust your chainsaw chain’s tension

Most chainsaws today come with a tension adjustment screw that helps tighten the chain around the bar. You want to make sure that you adjust your chain accordingly to ensure it has the right tension. Not too tight and not too loose. There are guides for this in the maintenance book for your chainsaw.

  1. Keep your chainsaw bar clean

Your chainsaw bar groove will get a lot of sawdust, oil, and dirt caught in it. As you can probably imagine, your chainsaw will run a whole lot better without any of this junk in there. Using a gauge tool, make sure that you clean it out on both sides of the bar. You should do this every time you use your chainsaw to maintain the quality of your sawing and the machine itself. This will keep your chainsaw running smoothly without any smoking or overheating issues.

Why Your Chainsaw Is Pulling To one Side

As reiterated earlier, if your chainsaw is pulling to the side, then chances are that there is a problem with the chainsaw. Even when it’s not a problem with the chainsaw, it’s probably chainsaw related. This includes the chain being too loose, or the chain width being too thin. The goal is to ensure that you maintain proper chainsaw maintenance to ensure that it cuts straight every time.

There are many reasons that we have discussed as to why your chainsaw is pulling to the side. If it isn’t a problem directly caused by the chainsaw, it will be chainsaw related. This includes a too loose chain or incorrect chain width. The best thing you can do is make sure you have the right parts for your chainsaw and are taking care to properly maintain it. This can include getting your chainsaw serviced at places like Canberra Diamond Blade, where our staff can help with keeping your chainsaw in optimal condition.

We also have lots of other useful chainsaw information on our Canberra Diamond Blade blog page. Here we give you answers to why your chainsaw chain dulls quickly and which chainsaw chain cuts the fastest. If you find yourself in need of a new chain, we have a great range of chainsaw chains for sale today!

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