Choosing a Ride-on Lawn Mower: The Professional Landscapers Buying Guide

In Australia, a professional landscaper can mow 6 residential lawns on average during a day of work.

If you think about the amount of grass you’re cutting over a season, you can see why investing in the best lawn mower is vital.

But how do you know which lawn mower is best for your business? Read on to learn how to choose a ride on lawnmower for professional landscapers.

Think About Current Clients

When you are deciding on the best lawn mower for your business, make sure to keep your clients in mind.

If most of your clients are homes, you’ll want to make sure you choose a smaller deck size that isn’t too large for these backyards.

But, if you often mow large rural properties or vast open public areas, you’ll want to choose a deck as wide as 60-72 inches to save time.

Evaluate your Crew’s Experience

Another thing you should think about is the skill and experience of your crew.

You might have years of practice, but what about your current or future employees?

A lawn mower that is easy to use will help new employees do good work. You’ll also want to choose a lawnmower that has good visibility.

Now le’ts look at some of the features to consider for your new lawn mowers.

A Brand You Can Trust

A huge consideration when buying a lawn mower for your landscape business is brand. You want to choose a reputable brand that will stand behind their products.

Husqvarna is the world’s largest manufacturer of outdoor products. The company has been in business for 325-years. It’s safe to say that they aren’t going anywhere in the near future

You can count on Husqvarna for quality and a large variety of commercial-grade products.

Deck Size

Deck size is the most important thing to look at when buying a new lawnmower. That way you can save time by getting the job done as quickly as possible for that size space.

If you plan to mow areas that are 1 acre, choose a lawnmower with a deck size of 36”to 42”.

A yard of 1-2 acres needs a mower with a 42” to 46” deck size.

Areas larger than 2 acres will need deck sizes of 48” or more.

Turning Radius

When it comes to ride on lawnmowers, turning radius is important.

When a lawn mower has a small turning radius, the mower is able to turn quickly and sharply. You’re able to then avoid rocks and uneven surfaces in the lawn.

Engine Torque

Engine torque is what keeps the blades at the bottom of the mower spinning. The higher the engine torque, the faster the blades spin.

The nest lawn mowers have high torque so they can perform well against tall and thick grass.

Choosing a Transmission

There are two options when choosing a transmission for your lawnmower. There’s manual transmission or hydrostatic transmission.

With a manual transmission lawnmower, you’ll have to stop to change gears. This will add extra minutes time to your lawn cutting time. Over a large space, these minutes could add up to a lot of wasted time.

Hydrostatic transmission mowers are much easier to use than a lawnmower with a manual transmission. You’ll enjoy a smooth transition as you change gears while you drive.

There are two kinds of hydrostatic transmission solutions.

A pedal-operated transmission has different pedals that control speed and forward and reverse movements.

The other type of hydrostatic transmission is lever-operated. In these mowers, the lever is on the fender. You can reach it easily from the driver’s seat.

Collection, Mulch or Side Discharge?

There are a few options for your lawn cuttings. Choose the method that works best for your needs.

The best lawnmowers let you choose any of these methods depending on your job. The Husqvarna ride on mowers can do all three.

The collection method is tidy. You won’t need to rake up clippings when you are done lawn mowing.

If you want to avoid spreading weeds, collection is the best method. It’s good for allergy sufferers also.

Side discharge is best for tall, wild grass. Or for lawns that are rarely cut.

Mulching is great if you mow often and want a healthy green lawn. The mower chops grass clippings into tiny bits. These clippings fertilize the lawn to keep it healthy.

What About Accessories?

The best ride on lawnmowers allows you to add on extra accessories. This gives you more use out of your lawn mower for different kinds of jobs.

For example, you might want to hook up a trailer to haul yard debris, branches and so on. Or you could choose to get a spreader that can seed or fertilize the lawn as you go.

Before you buy a lawn mower, consider the attachments that you might need now or in the future.

Final Thoughts on Choosing Your Next Lawn Mower

At DBS Construction Centre, we know that you can’t afford to have unreliable machinery.

That’s why we work so hard to sell quality tools at a fair price.

Plus, we are an authorised warranty repair shop for most of the brands we sell. That means we know our tools and equipment inside out.

When you shop with us for a lawn mower or other gear, you can have full confidence that we know what we’re talking about.

You no longer need to waste time visiting a bunch of different retailers. We will sell you what you need and repair it when its time.

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