What Blade is Best for Cutting Concrete?

If you work in construction, then you know one of the worst jobs used to be tearing out a concrete slab. Chisels and hammers used to be the industry standard, causing even the toughest person to hate life when it came to cutting concrete. Today’s saws and blades have turned this awful job into a much easier task, but how do you know which blade is best for your project?

The best blades for cutting concrete are diamond blades. They have a clear advantage over standard abrasive blades. They will last longer and make a cleaner and more defined cut every time! Diamond blades come in many different sizes and types, so you will always have the right blade for your job!

Not every diamond blade is made equal, and not all of them are up for every task. Making sure you have the right one will make your life easier and get the job done faster. Read on to find out where each diamond blade shines!

What kind of blade is best for cutting concrete?

Diamond blades are best for cutting concrete. They last longer, cut faster and create a cleaner line than other abrasive style blades. Surprisingly, diamond blades don’t actually cut the concrete. Diamond blades use a grinding action to tear away small pieces of material and jar larger pieces loose. Any type of blade will wear down during this process, but the diamond blades have multiple layers. When one layer is worn away, it reveals another layer of diamonds beneath it. The multiple layers mean you don’t need to replace your blade near as often as you would if using a different blade.

Are diamond blades the best for cutting concrete blocks and pavers?

Diamond blades work great for cutting concrete blocks and pavers. A diamond blade is a life-changing upgrade if you have been cutting blocks the old-fashioned way using a hammer and a chisel. Even if you have upgraded your hammer to a paving stone splitter, a saw with a diamond blade will still be a significant improvement. The diamond blade cuts quickly and precisely through the pavers, meaning you lose less material, and the job gets done quicker. It is always recommended to use a wet saw when cutting. The water keeps material out of the air and out of your lungs. If you do use a dry saw, make sure you are using a blade that is designed for that type of cutting.

Can you use a diamond blade on reinforced concrete?

Yes, you can also use diamond blades on reinforced concrete! And they work great! If you have been working in construction long, then you know cutting through reinforced concrete used to be a specialized trade. It was not something most standard companies had the equipment to deal with. Now with upgraded tools, most companies can take this task on themselves, saving them time and money. It is important to know that if you are cutting into foundation or anything with rebar, you will need to use a wet saw. In fact, it is almost always best to use a wet saw. The water does double duty by keeping the blade cool and also cutting down on airborne particles. If you do use a dry saw, you will need specific blades. However, any blade can be used with a wet saw.

How long will a diamond blade last cutting concrete?

A diamond blade will last anywhere from 12 to 120 hours of continual cutting. Obviously, that is a huge range, but the life you get out of your blade is directly proportional to the quality of blade you are buying. Other factors will determine the life of the blade as well, such as the hardness of the material you are cutting and if you are using the blade correctly. If you are using a wet saw, the amount of water you are getting to the blade can also factor into how long your blade will last. But the number one factor for determining the life of your diamond blade is going to be the quality of the blade. The more expensive ones can often cost as much as 30% more than the cheaper ones, but the life of the blade can nearly double. You will have to decide for yourself what your job needs. If you are not going to be doing a lot of cutting, it may be worth it to save some money on a blade that will only cut for 12-15 hours. If you are on a large job and cutting a lot of concrete, it will be more worthwhile to spend the extra money on a higher-priced diamond blade.

What diamond blade is best for cutting concrete?

Concrete blocks and pavers: 

The Stealth Master diamond blade for cutting concrete blocks and pavers is the perfect blade for your next job. The Stealth Master is designed specifically for block saws with a lower RPM than other similar diamond blades. Other reasons this blade outshines the competition are the noise level and that it is laser welded. The Stealth Master lives up to its name and is one of the quietest blades out there, cutting as quiet as 8 decibels! Using laser welding gives the blade up to an additional 35% lifespan. You can find the Stealth Master here.

Reinforced Concrete: 

For reinforced concrete, we recommend the Flash 14-inch Universal Segmented Turbo diamond saw blade. The Flash can cut through any masonry-type material on your job site. It is made to cut quieter and last longer than other blades. The segments blow debris away from the cut and also cool the blade at the same time. While a segmented blade is great for most cuts, if you are cutting precious materials, a continuous diamond blade will give you a smoother cut. The Flash can be used wet or dry, but cutting wet will always give you a better life span on your diamond blade. You can find the Flash here.

If you have any further questions on why diamond blades are the best choice for cutting concrete, and want to learn more about the process, feel free to get in contact with the team at Canberra Diamond Blade by calling 02 6242 8996 or by submitting a form on our contact page.