What The Difference Between A Strimmer And A Trimmer Is!

We take great pride in our lawns, for good reason—their beautiful simplicity can be the perfect way to maintain your garden. It’s no surprise that there is such a big variety of lawn trimming tools —but what is the difference between a strimmer and a trimmer?

A strimmer is the same as a grass trimmer but is the colloquial term for the tool. This garden appliance is handheld and uses a nylon line as a plastic blade to cut grass and trim around the edges of the lawn. A strimmer is not the same as a hedge trimmer which is more of a saw for trees and hedges.

To save any confusion, you don’t need a strimmer and a trimmer because they’re the same thing. If you have one, you have both!

Nonetheless, let’s look at these tools in a bit more detail.

Is a trimmer the same as a strimmer?

A trimmer and a strimmer are the same thing when it comes to grass cutting. There are quite a few different types of strimmers, which may be more or less useful for your lawn. But these can all be referred to as a grass trimmer as well.

Is a hedge trimmer different to a strimmer?
A Hedge Trimmer is also sometimes referred to as a ‘trimmer’ but is a different machine altogether

A trimmer, or line trimmer, is the handheld tool that gives the grass a ‘trim’ rather than actually mowing it. It just takes a bit off the top of the grass to keep it neat. They’re also very commonly used at the edges of the lawn to tidy it up.

The one time a trimmer might be different to a strimmer is if you are talking about a hedge trimmer. This is more like a chainsaw but with the bar on its side. This type of trimmer is used to level hedges and cut back branches. They are good for shaping bushes. In this case, it is different to a strimmer because ‘strimmer’ is a shortened and combined version of ‘grass trimmer’. Another name for a grass trimmer is a whipper snipper. So, when you’re looking for a quality line trimmer for sale, keep an eye out for the terms ‘strimmer’ and ‘whipper snipper’ too!

What’s the difference between a line trimmer and a grass trimmer?

A line trimmer is another name for a grass trimmer. It is used to cut the grass around the yard for a quick tidy-up. The reason people refer to it as a line trimmer sometimes is because you use it to trim the edges of your lawn. It can be used across the whole yard though. These tools are good for cutting down overgrown grass as well, to get it to a height where you can easily mow it.

For the most part, though, a line trimmer/grass trimmer is used to neaten up grass that has already been cut. It cuts away the little patches along your driveway that your lawnmower can’t reach. It can also be used to even up your grass if certain parts are growing quicker than others.

Let’s take a look at how exactly to use a strimmer.

How do you cut grass with a strimmer?

Can you cut a small lawn with a strimmer?

Cutting grass with a strimmer is all about the right technique. Lawnmowers are like the bulldozers of the lawn care world—trimmers are a much more subtle tool.

Using a strimmer isn’t easy and it requires a steady hand and a keen eye. You need to be able to apply the right amount of pressure and know when you’ve cut enough length off the grass.

Before you start to cut the grass with a strimmer, remove obstacles and obstructions from the yard. This is a safety measure to make sure that nothing catches in the trimmer and ends up causing an accident. It could also damage your strimmer. Check that your line trimmer maintenance is up to date before using it as well.

Remember to always angle the blade downward, away from you and towards the ground when using a trimmer. It might be a small blade, but there are risks similar to lawn mower-related injuries.

Take a stable and balanced stance, with your legs wide. Hold the strimmer firmly with both hands, but not too tightly. Use a careful, slow scything motion across the grass. Trim in a wide arc from left to right and back. Remember to keep a close eye on the length, to determine when you’ve taken enough off the grass height.

You should really only take off a third of the grass’s height at a time. Any more than that and it might not grow back properly. Give it an even cut along the line that you’re trimming. Like anything, it’s better to undercut than overcut. You can always take more off if you need to.

Can I cut a small lawn with a strimmer?

cub cadet line trimmer canberra fyshwick and mitchell
Cub Cadet Whipper Snipper

You can cut a small lawn with a strimmer, but it can be very time-consuming. Sometimes people think it is more convenient because of the small space, but you’re probably better of using a lawnmower first. You can come in afterwards and finish trimming the yard with a strimmer. Even if the yard is not large, the blades on a strimmer are quite small and mainly designed for trimming.

It also doesn’t come with a grass catcher. So, any grass cut will just fall on the lawn, and you will have to chuck it in your green waste bin yourself.

The other thing to consider is that strimmers can be tricky to use before you get the hang of it. Getting a neat and even trim requires a steady, firm grip and movement. This is so that you get an even cut across the lawn.

You can cut your small lawn with a strimmer, but it won’t save you more time than using a lawnmower.

That said, they are really handy for keeping your lawn at its best and neatest. So, if you’re in the market for ways to keep your lawn extra tidy, look no further than a trimmer–or strimmer!

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