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brick trowels for sale online

Brick Trowel Review – What’s the Best Brick Trowel?

It’s easy to get attached to the brick trowel you started with as an apprentice. But did you know that if you have the wrong trowel your body could pay for it in the long term? So come with me with your bucket of tools, it’s time to think about your trowel… read more





diamond blades for sale

Everything You Need To Know About Diamond Blades

What if changing one thing could transform your job?

This sounds like something that could never happen. However, everything changes when you change blades… read more



Bricklaying Quote Checklist

Free Automatic Calculating Checklist for use when Quoting Bricklaying Jobs

There is no better way to save time than to record all the variables that you might need to quote for in one spot. We have pulled together a bricklaying quote checklist containing common things you may need to quote on for bricklaying jobs. Even better, if you input your quantities and price it will auto calculate totals for you… read more

Cutting stone, bricks and blocks

Checklist: Landscaping tools for New Business Owners

If you’re thinking of creating a landscaping company, there are tons of things to get figured out. One of these is landscaping tools. Despite how trivial it may sound, having the right supplies is essential to your landscaping success. Fear not – we have compiled the ultimate checklist. Here are the best landscaping tools to have for your business so you can grow yards and your company… read more


Best Masonry Drill Bits for sale online 

How to Choose a Masonry Drill Bit for Your Project

In this piece, we are going to discuss tips that will help you pick drill bits that match your project needs… read more



Bricklaying Invoice Template

Free Tradie Invoice Template

While there are great systems available on the private market place, this is not always suitable for everyone. When you’re just starting out, or if you’re used to the good old pen and carbon paper invoicing book, you might be looking for something to make it easier – without costing you a monthly fee… read more



Concrete grinding diamond tools

The Best Speciality Tools for Concrete Grinding

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what you need to learn about concrete grinding and the best tools for the job. Keep reading to learn what tools you need to keep on hand for your concrete finishing needs… read more




Tips for Choosing the Best Wheelbarrow

Workers on a construction site put in difficult hours often under the hot sun and without the right wheelbarrow, a small job could take forever. The heavy lifting and hauling that gets done without a wheelbarrow can tire workers out quickly and even lead to injury… read more



Tradie Invoice template

Free Tradie Quote Template

While a trusty calculator is a must, it is great to be certain that you have made the right calculations. This quote template will auto-calculate your sums… read more




high pressure washer

How To Choose The Perfect Electric Pressure Washer

When you’re in the market for a new electric pressure washer, you need to know how to find the option to get your specific job done… read more




how to lay bricks

Tips for Improving Your Brick Laying Technique

Before you can even start laying bricks, you first need to have the basic tools. Even if you already have a bricklayer’s toolbox, it’s still important to make sure you’ve got all the essentials. And that they’re not rusted, with broken handles, or suffer from any other flaws… read more

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