[Free] Expert Quote Checklist for Brickies

Quoting jobs can be time consuming and nerve wracking.

You’ve got to think ahead, and make sure you don’t miss anything or it could cost you. It could cost you big time.

At CDBS Construction Centre, we want to help our customer’s work smarter.

Don’t reinvent the wheel each time you do a quote… you’ll be just asking for trouble.

Not only will it take longer each time, but one day you’ll forget to include something… and it will hurt.

To get your business to grow, it’s good to get into the habit of streamlining tasks… think about how you can work more efficiently…

What can you do to save time? And if you’re smart… how can you reinvest that time to get better results?

Quoting Bricklaying Jobs can be easier and faster with CDBS Construction Center’s Free Expert Quote Checklist.

You might be wondering why a brickie tool shop would create a free quoting checklist?

It seems a bit out of scope?

We don’t think so.

The whole reason we own a bricklaying speciality store is because we own a bricklaying business. We bought this store because of this experience and passion with the trade.

So we have first hand experience on what it takes to build a bricklaying business from the ground up.

We have done this through hard work, plenty of mistakes, some guts, and lots of learning…

The most important thing we learned is how to focus. Focusing on what the dream is, and what tasks  are most likely to get us there.

While other people are stuck in the daily grind, dealing with small issues that stop them from making real progress… we try and focus on the most important things that usually make all that little stuff just disappear.

We believe you can do the same to grow your business.

We use our little tool shop to share our experiences, and our learning. We use our tool shop to give some time back to brickies

Writing articles on tools, and providing free templates like this to help build businesses. Sending professional tools directly to homes and worksites … getting rid of just another insignificant job of your to-do list.

So why use a bricklaying quote checklist?

There is no better way to save time than to record all the variables that you might need to quote for in one spot. That way you’re less likely to miss something which will end up costing your hip pocket.

We have got you started with this checklist. It contains common things you may need to quote on for bricklaying jobs. Even better, if you input your quantities and price it will auto-calculate the totals for you.

What’s best is you can add to the list yourself as well… and it is simple to do. Once added, your extra items will auto-calculate as well.

How do I use this checklist

All you need to do is enter your Unit Price and Quantities and the rest works like magic. All the sums will total up for you.

Once you are sure you’ve included everything, you can go ahead and put your quote together.

All you need is excel, or a freeware compatible software for excel (a simple search on google for “freeware excel” should help you find one)

Bricklaying Quote Template and Online Bricklaying Tools

Bricklaying Quote Checklist