Free Invoice Template for Construction Trades

Free Invoice Template for Construction Tradies

While there are great systems available on the private market place, this is not suitable for everyone. When you’re just starting out, or if you’re used to the good old pen and carbon paper invoicing book, you might be looking for something to make it easier – without costing you a monthly fee.

We like to help our tradies out where we can so have created a template that you can use. To use this template you will need excel, or a freeware compatible software for excel (a simple search on google should help you find one)

Invoice template for bricklayers concreters constructionCustomisation of the template

This template is 100% free for you to use. We haven’t password protected it or placed any advertising in it. We want you to maintain your professional and expert look when managing your business.

Once downloaded, we recommend you fill in all your details first up and save that as your master template. That way you only have to fill those details once. Each time you open it, save it as a new name and just enter your builder’s  details and job details and quantities. We have ‘protected’ the cells containing the formulas- which are the brain of your spreadsheet- doing all those calculations. The reason we have done this is so you can’t accidentally type over them.

If you want to add your logo to the template to give it that extra professional look and feel- that is easy. You will first need to go to the Review tab, select “Unprotect Sheet”, then go to the “Insert” tab, click in the top right corner and click “Pictures” and browse your computer for you logo. After that, go back to the Review Tab, select “Protect Sheet” and just click OK. That just re-protects the spreadsheets formulas so you cant overwrite them.

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Legalities: This template may not contain everything required for your business. In using this template, you accept that it is your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate financial and legal advice for your business or company. We are not financial or legal advisers. By using this template, you also agree that you are responsible for checking calculations and ensuring accuracy on an ongoing basis and you will not hold CDBS Construction and Garden liable for any inaccuracies within the template.

This template is for individual use for the purpose of preparing individual business invoices. This template is not to be copied, distributed or used in any other way without seeking consent from CDBS Construction and Garden Centre. This template is protected by copywrite. © CDBS Construction and Garden Centre – All rights reserved. See website T&C for further information.

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