Machinery Hire

Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers (CDBS Construction) is now offering construction equipment hire for a variety of construction machinery needs.

Construction Machinery Hire

 1/2 DayFull DayWeekly
3 KVA Generator$72.00$100.00$320.00
Plate Compactor$64.00$72.00$240.00
14” Power Cutter$120.00$180.00$500.00
16” Power Cutter$120.00$200.00$500.00
Flex Drive Pump with Drive Unit$72.00$80.00$320.00
9m Brick & Block Elevator$80.00$96.00$420.00
14” Brick Saw$98.00$163.00$450.00
Large Cement Mixers$75.00$99.00$330.00
Large Wet + Dry Vac (Not Including Pump)$110.00$160.00$450.00
Submersible Pump$110.00$130.00$400.00
Concrete Vibrator + Drive Unit – 45mm or 60mm$80.00$90.00$350.00
Large Jack Hammer (Petrol)$100.00$125.00$500.00

Garden Machinery Hire

 1/2 DayFull DayWeekly
Push Mower$30$40$160
522L Line Trimmer$50$75$300
535LK Line Trimmer$50$75$300
520IHE3 Pole Hedger Battery$60$80$320
T525 Top Handle Chainsaw$65$90$350
522HDR60 Hedge trimmer $65$90$350
550XP Chainsaw $65$90$350
535RXT Brush Cutter$80$115$400
Ride on w/ Catcher$150$300$1,000

This can help you out of a sticky situation if your machinery is in for repair, or it might be useful for a one off job. If you need to hire construction equipment to finish your project on time, contact us today.

Pick up and return: Shop 4 of 48, Sandford Street, Mitchell, Canberra, ACT

*Note: Hire is subject to availability. Prices valid during FY 2020 – 2021

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