How Do You Clean A Diamond Saw Blade?

Diamond saw blades are a handy tool used by home renovators and professionals alike. When maintained properly, they can cut through most materials with ease. Keeping the blade clean is vital in order to preserve its cutting potential. So, how do you clean a diamond saw blade?

A diamond saw blade can be cleaned using citrus-based kitchen cleaners mixed with water. The diamond blade is soaked in the solution until dirt comes away. It’s scrubbed with a bristle brush and rinsed under running water. The other method is to saw smooth concrete at full power to clear away grit.

Let’s go over some of the basics about diamond saw blades, and how to keep them in the best condition.

Why it’s important to clean and maintain your diamond blade

Keeping your diamond saw blade clean and well maintained is important to make sure it doesn’t become damaged. A grit—covered blade creates friction and heat, lessening the effectiveness of your saw. To put it simply, if you want your blade to work properly, cleaning and maintenance are important. Regular maintenance of your diamond saw blade will help prolong the life of the blade.

Why cleaning a diamond saw blade is important

When using a diamond saw, you might notice bits of grit appearing on the blade. Or the diamond saw blade might stop cutting through materials as smoothly as it once did. These are both indicators that it’s time to take a closer look and give the diamond blade a good clean.

After all, a clean-cut requires a clean blade. Working with a dull blade not only makes the cutting process slower, but it can also pose more of a danger to you. The saw could jump while sawing, causing kickback, and can result in serious injury. Keeping your diamond blade sharp and clean prevents this from happening. You should also know when to replace it as well. Even with proper care and maintenance, your diamond blades will eventually need replacing. When it’s time, be sure to check out the best quality diamond blades around.

How to clean your diamond saw blade

To look after your diamond saw blades, it’s important to clean them properly. The first thing to do is to examine the blade carefully. Check to see if it’s worn down or if it is just due for a good clean. If the diamond segments embedded are worn down to almost nothing, cleaning isn’t the answer. This is when you need a new blade. But if the blade looks gummed or gritty, it’s likely cleaning will help provide better performance from the diamond blade.

There are two ways to clean your blade; either through sawing or the use of a cleaning solution.

Clean a diamond saw blade through sawing

Plugging in your saw and grabbing a spare piece of material might be enough to get your blade back up to speed.

Find a spare piece of cement or concrete, making sure that it’s even and smooth. Then put on protective sawing gear. This includes earmuffs, safety goggles and a face mask to protect yourself from the dust and noise from sawing. Once you’re all geared up, turn on your diamond saw to its full power.

Make a few small cuts in the concrete. About 5 centimetres should do the trick.

After around 10 to 20 seconds, switch the diamond saw off and inspect the blade. If there is still some grit present, repeat the process. You can continue to do this until the grit is gone. Afterwards, your diamond saw blade should work like a brand-new saw.

The downside to this cleaning method is that it can wear away at your saw over time. This is why you shouldn’t always use this to clean your diamond saw blade.

Clean diamond saw blade using solvent

Diamond saw blade cleaning solution

The second method of cleaning a diamond saw blade is to use a suitable cleaning solution. This provides a thorough soak and clean to the blade.

First thing is to find a cleaning solution that won’t damage the blade’s tips or the bond that keeps the diamonds in place. Citrus-based kitchen cleaners and standard oven cleaners are often used for this method.

Slip on some heavy-duty gloves to protect your skin from being pierced by the blade. Mix the cleaning agent with water, following instructions provided by the manufacturer. Then pour the cleaning solution into a shallow container or pan that the blade can fit in.

Soak the blade in the solution for several minutes. You can leave it in for as long as it takes for the dirt and dust to soften. Then use a bristle brush to give the diamond blade a good scrub. Once you’ve scrubbed the blade, rinse it under running water. You should be able to see the diamond-embedded pieces in the blade. If you can’t, it’s time for a replacement.

Carefully dry the blade with paper towels and reinstall it on the saw.

When cleaning a diamond saw blade isn’t quite enough

Unfortunately, sometimes simply cleaning the blade isn’t quite enough. You might still find that it doesn’t cut quite like it used to. Even if you’re experienced with diamond saw blades, at this point it’s a good idea to call in an expert technician for help. You might need to get your diamond saw serviced. You may also need to investigate replacing the blade – depending on the type and quality, your blade might be at the end of its lifespan. If this is the case, head on down to your local gardening and construction centre to pick up a new diamond saw blade.

What is a diamond saw blade?

Not quite sure if it’s a diamond saw blade that you’re looking at? Let us clear it up for you!

A diamond saw blade is a type of metal saw blade used for cutting hard or abrasive materials. It has diamonds fixed on its edge. Not the type you’d usually find on jewellery, but synthetic diamonds made through a high temperature, high-pressure synthesis process.

Cleaning your diamond saw blade

They are often used on stone, concrete, bricks, glass, ceramics, and other tough materials. They are used in either wet or dry sawing applications and are extremely hardy. In good condition, diamond saw blades can cut just about anything. While more expensive than traditional or abrasive blades, they’re tough cookies and last longer than most blades, often saving users money in the long run.

There are numerous types of diamond saw blades all with different uses. For example, segmented blades are commonly used on concrete and bricks, but you’re unlikely to get a clean cut due to its design. A turbo rim blade is similar to a segmented blade. It has the ability to cut concrete and brick as well as harder limestone materials but leaves a nice clean cut. Continuous rim blades, sometimes called a wet cut blade, produce a very clean edge when cutting granite, marble, ceramic tile, and porcelain tile.

The type of blade you require all comes down to what you’re using it for. However, like most other construction tools, diamond blades need to be maintained. Want to learn more about these blades? Check out our article that tells you everything about diamond saw blades. Find all the diamond blade parts you need in our Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers store! We have a range of diamond blades for sale, including brick saw blades and ceramic tile diamond blades.

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