How Often Should You Clean Under A Ride On Mower?

If there’s one thing that is true of lawn care, it’s that it can feel like a never-ending battle. Ride on lawnmowers are an efficient solution to the lawn—but how often does the mower itself need to be cleaned?

It is good to clean under a ride on mower at least three times a year, twice being the minimum number. This changes depending on how frequently you mow and if it is long or wet grass. Dirt and grass are more likely to get stuck in these cases, increasing the need for cleaning under a ride on mower.

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How often you should clean under your ride on lawn mower

Under a ride on lawnmower should be cleaned at least twice a year if it is being used for dry grass that doesn’t grow lots. Three to four times a year is recommended if you have grass that grows well. If it is a wet season, or you are mowing wet grass often, you need to regularly check under the ride on mower and clean it.

Wet grass clumps underneath a ride on mower and can affect how well it cuts grass. Wet conditions will also usually cause your grass to grow quicker, which will require more use of your ride on mower. The more you use the mower, the more often you need to clean under it. Otherwise, the grass clumps can cause breakdowns and damage to the ride on mower.

If you let your grass grow long, you should be checking under your ride on mower after every mow. You will find that you need to clean out long strands of grass that became stuck under the ride on mower. You might need to clean weeds and soil that flicked up with the mow.

The best thing you can do is to check under your ride on mower after every use and give it a quick clean. Then at least twice a year, perform a mower maintenance and thorough clean.

How do you clean under a ride on lawn mower?

Steps to cleaning under a ride on mower

Cleaning under a ride on lawnmower is a fairly straightforward process, but you need to be careful. You will be cleaning around the mower blades, which is why maintenance safety is vital to prevent injuries from a mower. Make sure you remove the key from the ride on mower ignition before you start another cleaning step.

You will need to remove the mower deck so that you can give yourself access to the underside of the ride on mower. Then you need to tip the ride on mower on its side. Make sure it is on a flat surface and that the air filters are pointing up. Otherwise, the machine could flood with oil and you’ll be dealing with a lot more than just a dirty mower.

Take a scraper or a putty knife and scrape off the biggest chunks of grass and debris. Remember to always be extremely careful around the blades, even the slightest touch could cut your hand.

Ideally, you would then use a pressure washer to soak any remaining debris and leave it for a while. After letting the debris soak for a while, use the pressure washing again to wash off the rest of the dirt. For persistent pieces of dirt and clumped grass, use a stiff brush to scrub them away.

While the mower deck is tipped over, you can spray vegetable oil lightly on the underside of the deck. This will slow the build-up of grass and dirt for a while.

Leave the deck to fully air dry before re-attaching it to the mower and using it again.

What about if I don’t have a pressure washer?

Can usen a hose to clean a ride on lawn mower?

A hose can be used to clean under a ride on mower. This is possibly a more convenient option for lots of people. We do recommend investing in a high-pressure washer because they are useful for all kinds of jobs. But you can get enough power out of a hose to clean under a ride on mower.

Can you tilt a ride on mower on its side to clean it?

You could also chop and change between using a hose and a pressure washer depending on the kind of clean you are doing. For the big, proper cleans of a ride on mower, you can use a pressure washer to remove the build-up of dirt and grass. These are the cleans that you should be conducting at least twice a year.

For more regular cleaning under a ride on mower, you could just use a hose. This will remove dirt from a recent mowing. It’s a good idea to do this after a few mowing sessions.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can use a hose to clean under a ride on mower at any time. It’s a good idea to invest in a nozzle that can make the water spray with more pressure. The pressure is the key to dislodging and removing build-up from under a ride on mower.

Can you tip a ride on lawnmower on its side to clean it?

To clean under a ride on lawnmower, it will need to be tipped on its side. This is how most of the maintenance to the mower is completed. By tipping the ride on mower on its side you gain better access to the engine, blades, and mower deck.

Cleaning under a ride on mower

It’s important to always be safe when tipping a ride on mower on its side for cleaning and maintenance. How to do so will depend on the type of mower that you have. For a large ride on lawnmowers such as a Cub Cadet zero turn 46” mower, it’s good to use a jack to tip it on its side. Don’t try to simply lift the ride on mower by yourself. That can easily result in injury and damage to the mower.

When planning to tip a ride on mower on its side, you need to make sure the carburettor will not be on the ground. Otherwise, the oil will drain out of the engine into the rest of the machine. This can cause serious damage. One harmless clean could then result in the need for a whole new ride on mower.

If you are in the market for a new mower, check out our range of ride on mowers for sale. We also have other mowing resources such as how to choose a ride on mower and is a ride on mower worth it? Here at Canberra Diamond Blade we’re proud to offer quality gardening and construction tools for all your needs.

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