Is a Riding Mower Worth It?

The landscaping industry here in Australia is a 6 billion dollar industry. There are over 14,000 landscaping businesses that employ over 51,000 Australians.

That is a lot of competition for your landscaping business. To stay competitive and successful you need to be on top of your game with the right equipment.

If your old push mower is starting to die then now is the perfect time to think about upgrading to a riding mower. Not sure if a riding mower is worth it? Keep reading to find out!

Does a push mower cut better than a riding mower?

A push mower, even the self-propelled kind, requires you to walk behind it. This means it can only go as fast as you can walk. This limits the amount of lawn you can cut in a certain amount of time.

Where with a riding mower you can go much faster. This means you can cut a lot more lawn in the same amount of time.

Most push mowers are going to have a cutting deck that is 30 inches or less. But with a riding mower, it can be larger. So not only are you cutting faster, you are cutting more with each pass.

The third cutting advantage is that your riding mower has the ability to charge through taller and thicker grass. So no more struggling with lawns that have been neglected.

How much does a riding lawn mower cost?

Obviously, a push mower is going to cost less to buy and run. But they will require a lot more energy on your part to operate.

You will also find that your push mower doesn’t last as long as the riding mower. So while you spend a bit more now for the riding mower, you actually save money in the long run by not having to replace it as often.

Fuel Use

Your walk-behind mower is going to hold and use less gas. But this also means you are going to need to fill the tank more often. That time you spend putting gas in your mower is time that you’re not making money mowing lawns.

Instead, opt for a riding mower that has a larger gas tank. The larger tank means you can spend more time mowing and less time filling.

Stop Beating Your Body Up

Let’s face it, you’re dead tired after a day full of walking behind a mower. Why not work smarter instead of harder?

The more business you get, the harder you are going to have to work to mow those lawns. Instead, you could be riding on a mower.

This means you can continue to grow your business without having to physically work harder. You can go home at night with less stress on your body from a day’s work.

Easy to Repair

You probably already know, but it can be hard to find replacement parts for your walk behind mower. Then when you do find the parts, it isn’t worth the cost of repair when you think about the cost to just replace the whole mower.

It is much easier to find replacement parts for your riding mower. These easy to find parts make repair an affordable option.

Damp or Wet Grass

We all know that any responsible landscaper will avoid mowing a lawn that is wet. That will cause damage to the turf.

However, you can mow a damp lawn with the right equipment and not cause damage. The trick is to use a riding mower.

Walk behind mowers get bogged down and clogged. Then the bag that collects the clippings will get really heavy, making pushing the mower a chore.

A riding mower doesn’t have these problems. First, you’re riding, not pushing, so the weight of the bag doesn’t put more stress on you. Second, a riding mower is more powerful and rugged so damp grass is a breeze.

Being able to mow damp grass will let you start earlier in the morning and sooner after a light rain.

Zero Turn vs Lawn Tractor

So you want a riding mower, but you’re worried about how they’ll do on those small lawns. Enter the zero turn mower.

If you go with a regular lawn tractor, you’ll find that the smallest turn you can make is 16 inches. This means that when you get to the end of your line, and you want to turn around to go back, you’ll miss a patch at the end.

Instead, opt for a zero turn model. These mowers can turn on a dime and immediately start mowing in the opposite direction. No missed patches to go back and catch.

This turning ability will come in handy if your clients have yards with lots of landscaping or other obstacles to manoeuvre around.

Towing Abilities

One major advantage of having a riding mower is that you can use it to tow things. First, you need to find out what the towing capacity is for the mower.

If you don’t do this you could damage your mower by attaching something that is far too heavy. Once you have the right accessories, all you need to do is attach them and get towing.


A popular attachment is the leaf and grass vacuum. This will let you clean up your client’s lawns so there isn’t debris laying all over the place.

There are other attachments that will make your life easier such as power graders and stump grinders. By having these attachments, you can move from one project to the next quickly and easily.

Time to Upgrade to a Riding Mower

So what are you waiting for? The bigger upfront investment for a riding lawn mower will be totally worth it in the long run.

You can use a riding mower to take your landscaping business to the next level. Just think, the faster and easier you get your current clients done, the more time you have to take on new ones. The more clients, the more money you take home each week.

Upgrade your landscaping equipment and take your business to the next level.

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