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Top Steady Profile Clamp (Veneer) – BT Engineering

Top Steady Profile Clamp (Veneer) – BT Engineering   A Top Steady Profile Clamp is a simple tool making it faster for bricklayers to set up profiles so you can just get on with building the wall.   With the Top Steady Profile Clamp (Veneer), all...

25mm G-Bracket for the Straight Sliding Top Steady Profile Clamp – BT Engineering

25mm G-Bracket for the Straight Sliding Top Steady Profile Clamp (TOP 25 SCOM) – BT Engineering To be used with 25mm Straight Tube. Made in Australia Item number: BT TOP25GNEW   You can also get the following related parts for purchase individually: Straight Tube for...

Block Saw – BT Engineering

Block Saw – BT Engineering A block saw is built for efficiency giving you the correct cutting depth for concrete besser blocks.. While a brick saw can do the job, if you are laying a lot of blocks then you would be smart to invest...

Brick Carrier – BT Engineering

Brick Carrier – BT Engineering A brick carrier is a great time-saver! You can grab six bricks at a time. Use two brick carriers and really move some bricks! – Heavy gauge steel construction. – Zinc coat finish. Item Number: BC Did you know that...

Brick Saw – BT Engineering

Brick Saw – BT Engineering Cut bricks with ease with this top of the range bricksaw. It comes with saw machine and stand – and can cut blocks due to the longer tray. Picture shown with optional tilt guide and diamond blade (not included). Specifications...

Cavity Cleaner with Tap – BT Engineering

Cavity Cleaner with Tap – BT Engineering Forged from one piece of high quality carbon steel Tapered for correct flexibility Delivers a fine strong jet of water for a variety of uses In a full brick building it is essential to clean the mortar from...

Dean 05 CLAMP – BT Engineering

Dean 05 Clamp – BT Engineering Top steady to hold firm profile for full brick. Works in a similar way to full brick clamps. Made in Australia Also known as Rabbit Trap Bricklaying Clamps

Door Gauge String Line Holder – BT Engineering

Door Gauge String Lines Holder – BT Engineering For steel door frame Zinc Plated String Line Holder Made in Australia   Related Items: Line blocks, Corner Blocks, Door Blocks

Dori Blocks – BT Engineering

Dori Blocks – BT Engineering For string lines – use with 50mm steel profile •Choose from Standard (DB), or Long-Sided Dori Blocks (DBL) •Made in Australia   Related Terms: Line blocks, Corner Blocks

Dutch Pins – Maurerfreund

Dutch Pins – Maurerfreund Did you know that a dutch pin makes it easy to fix timber to masonry. It’s no longer necessary to nail or screw. Just hammer it into the joint and then close arm. They have a great hold ability and when...

Floor Scrapers – BT Engineering

Floor Scrapers – BT Engineering Floor scrapers are what you need for quick jobsite clean up or floor preparation. Perfect for cleaning up mud, mortar, adhesives or pulling up old flooring. Available in either 200mm and 300mm, along with replacement handles and blades. 200 and 300mm...

G Bracket for the Internal Top Steady Profile Clamp

G Bracket for the Internal Top Steady Profile Clamp Replacement G-Clamp that fits the 20mm Top L Tube. This clamp is the longer G-Bracket (14cm in length) that goes on the long end of the Top L Tube. TOPGI

G Clamps External – BT Engineering

G Clamps External – BT Engineering •Small External G Clamp, Medium External G Clamp Suits full brick, half brick and half block. Also known as External Perp Clamp Made in Australia

G Clamps Internal – BT Engineering

G Clamps Internal – BT Engineering Small and Medium Internal G Clamps Also known as Internal Perp Clamps Made in Australia

G Sliding Clamps – BT Engineering

G Sliding Clamps – BT Engineering With a securely fastened insert and domed washer, BT’s G-Clamps are the most reliable and durable on the market. Choose from: – Small / Short Sliding Clamp, use anywhere. GCLSH – Large G Clamp for brick and blockwork. GCL...

Gauge Rod – BT Engineering

Gauge Rod – BT Engineering A measuring stick for checking the accuracy of the gauge in brickwork Accurately machined markings that will never wear out. Two types available, either 84-87 gauge, or 85-88 gauge. Also known as Story Rods, or Story Pole, Measuring Tool

BT Engineering

BT Engineering is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of bricklaying and stonemasonry tools in Australia.

Canberra Diamond Blade’s customers love their bricklaying tools so much, that they never want to try any thing different. From profile clamps to brick saws and block saws- the standards of their tools are high.

BT Engineer ing are a great Australian company, which does most of its tool manufacturing right here in Australia. So we like that they support local business, just like you and me.

With their thoroughly test range of machinery and handtools, you know you can’t go wrong. It’s the quality and the durability that sets BT tools apart from their competition making it among the best bricklaying gear for sale.

Canberra Diamond Blade Supplier’s is proud to have a long history of partnering with BT Engineering as a supplier.

If you can’t see the BT tools you need on our online store, don’t worry we have it covered. Just give us a call on 0262428996

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