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Marshalltown Canberra

Marshalltown is a leading brand in the construction industry, with a rich history dating back to 1890. They are known for their commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence. They have earned the trust of professionals in the industry thanks to their durable, reliable, and exceptional performance tools. The brand excels in various construction fields, including bricklaying, concrete finishing, and drywall installation and finishing. Marshalltown’s trowels are among their most popular products and are use high-quality materials that ensure their longevity and performance.

We at CDBS Construction are a reliable supplier of Marshalltown products in Australia, offering competitive pricing, fast delivery, and excellent customer service. With Marshalltown’s tools and our high quality service, you can’t go wrong.

Benefits of Marshalltown Tools

Marshalltown is a good brand for many reasons. Firstly, it has a long history of providing high-quality hand tools to the construction industry. This means that they have a wealth of experience and expertise in producing tools that professionals need. Additionally, Marshalltown products are known for their durability, reliability, and exceptional performance. One example of this reliability is how Marshalltown uses high-quality materials such as tempered steel and carbon steel. Doing so ensures that their tools last for a long time and can withstand harsh construction environments.

The Bricklayer’s Choice of Tools

Marshalltown is a brand that excels in various construction fields, such as bricklaying. Marshalltown produces a range of trowels that are perfect for bricklaying, including pointing trowels, margin trowels, and brick trowels. These trowels make the process of laying bricks easier and more efficient. Another field where Marshalltown excels is concrete finishing. Their concrete hand tools include bull floats, jointers, and groovers, which will provide a smooth and even finish to concrete surfaces. Marshalltown also has a range of drywall and plastering tools, including joint knives, taping knives, and mud mixers, which make drywall installation and finishing easier.

Brickies Trowels and Other Marshalltown Tools

Marshalltown is best known for its trowels, which come in a range of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different construction tasks. Their trowels feature high-quality materials in their construction, including tempered steel and carbon steel. As a result, Marshalltown trowels are durable and can withstand harsh construction environments. Marshalltown’s trowels provide exceptional performance, letting professionals get the job done faster and more efficiently. In addition to trowels, Marshalltown also produces a range of other construction hand tools, such as edgers, jointers, groovers, brushes, and mixers. These tools all help to make the construction process easier and smoother, making them the favourite of many industry professionals.

Order Marshalltown Brickies Supplies Online

CDBS Construction is a leading supplier of Marshalltown products in Australia. We stock a wide range of Marshalltown products, including trowels, edgers, jointers, and more. Because of this, no matter the tool you need for your professional or commercial work, you’re sure to find it with us.

Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist professionals in finding the perfect tool for their requirements. Whether you need trowels, brick hammers, or other tools for bricklaying, concrete finishing, or drywall installation and finishing, we have them covered.

If the specific Marshalltown product you’re after is not listed on our website, just get in touch with us by phone at 02 6242 8996 or via email with the model you’re after! Our customer service team will see if it’s possible to order in your special request. You can also reach out if you want to get more information about a specific model, or want help finding the best bricklaying tool for you.

We ship Marshalltown tools Australia wide, so professionals can rest assured they can receive these high-quality construction tools anywhere in the country. From Perth to Adelaide to Melbourne and Sydney, you’ll get your Marshalltown equipment right to your door. Figuring out the delivery quote is as simple as contacting us at 02 6242 8996.

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