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Bricklaying Clamps

Whether you are looking for a G bracket built with the dimensions of bricks in mind. Or replacement parts to attach to your Top Profiles – we have a great range of clamps for sale.

In the world of construction there are many different types of bricklaying brackets for sale to make the job easier. These are tools that are temporarily used to

Our BT Engineering Clamps are solid constructed and made in Australia. They have been especially designed for bricklaying, which is why they are a favourite among the trade.

Internal Clamp

An Internal clamp is great for fastening, as they don’t require hammering into the wall, unlike a external nail on clamp. Some examples are an internal G-Clamp, internal spike clamp, and internal profile clamps.

External Clamp

We have a range of external bricklaying brackets including nail on G-Clamps, veneer top steady clamps, and G clamps for sale.

Bricklaying Profile Stands

Setting up profiles is easy with a Top Steady Profile Clamp. The great thing about a Top Steady Profile is their adjustability – making them something you can use across a range of different jobs.

The angles of these bricklaying profile stands are already a precise 90 degree angle. As long as you set the bracket up level onto the frame, your profile will be perfectly positioned once plumbed up.

These bricklaying profile stands, also known as bricklaying elbows or bricklaying hockey sticks, come in three main styles:

– internal top steady profile

– veneer top steady profile, and

– straight sliding profile.

Other types of bricklaying brackets for sale

Other types of great bricklaying brackets are:

– straight sliding clamps,

– BT Bricklaying clamp attachments for profiles such as sliders, G-Brackets, and nail on attachments

What other BT Engineering tools do we sell?

We have a large range of BT Engineering tools for sale, From bricksaws and blocksaws, jointers, gauge rods, brick grabs and more. If what you need not listed, just give us a call on 0262428996

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