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Jointers / ironers / rakers are indispensable tools in bricklaying, used by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. With these tools you can achieve a sturdy, even, and aesthetically pleasing finished product. Ironers are essential for smoothing out and leveling the surface of freshly-laid bricks, while jointers create smooth, even mortar joints. Rakers, on the other hand, can create a consistent gap between each row of bricks, which is essential for ensuring that the brickwork is level and even. These three tools, when used correctly, can help to create a finished product. Using these tools results in an end product that is structurally sound, visually appealing, and built to last.

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Jointer Canberra

Jointers are essential to any brickie, getting you the perfect finish. They create a smooth, even finish on the mortar joints between bricks. Jointers come in various shapes and sizes, from flat to curved, and typically have either steel or plastic builds. Jointers compress the mortar and create a concave or convex shape, depending on the desired finish. By creating a smooth joint, jointers help to prevent water from seeping into the brickwork and causing damage.

Bricklaying Ironer

Ironers are flat, rectangular tools used to smooth out and level the surface of freshly-laid bricks. They usually have steel construction and have a handle for ease of use. Ironers compress the brick and ensure that it is level with the surrounding bricks. This feature helps to create a solid, even surface. Ironers are also useful for removing excess mortar from the surface of the bricks, which can help to improve the overall appearance of the finished product.

Rakers for Sale Canberra

Rakers create a consistent gap between each row of bricks. They use steel in their construction have a handle and a set of teeth that can be adjusted to create the desired gap width. Rakers are essential for ensuring that each row of bricks is level and even, which helps to prevent the brickwork from collapsing over time. Rakers also help to create a uniform appearance in the finished product, which is essential for aesthetic purposes.

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Here at Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers, we carry the finest selection of bricklaying tools including jointers, ironers and rakers. We offer a range of products that are sure to meet your needs. If you have any questions about any of the products we’ve listed here, feel free to contact us on 02 6242 8996 and have a chat with our friendly customer service team.

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