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Masonry Brush

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Masonry Brush

Whether you are looking for a natural bristle brush, acid resistant brush or a poly fibre brush, we have the brick cleaning brush that you need.

A good quality masonry brush for finishing brickwork helps you get the job done faster.

We have a wide range of masonry brushes to suit a range of jobs. From extra soft brickies brushes to very hard brickies brushes. We also have brickies wire brushes which are great for removing hard mortar.

A soft bricklaying brush is great for when the mortar is quite soft. A churn brush or stiff bristle brush is used to compact mortar into the joint giving it an aged appearance.

So delve in and take a look at our range of brickies scrubbing brushes. If you can’t see the masonry brush you need, just give us a call on 0262428996

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