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Builders Line for Sale Canberra

String lines and their accessories are a crucial toolset for any bricklaying project. They play a vital role in ensuring the accuracy and precision of the bricklaying process, resulting in a high-quality finished product. These tools are essential for creating a level reference line, marking out the position of the string line on the wall, and securing the string line at various points along the wall. By using string lines and their accessories like line pins and line blocks, you can ensure your work is always of the highest quality. For the best selection of string lines and string line accessories, look no further than Canberra Diamond Blade. We offer a wide range of high-quality tools, including builders’ lines, line blocks, marking chalk, and line pins.

What is a String Line For?

String lines, also known as builders’ lines, are used to establish a level reference line for bricklaying projects. These lines are typically made from high-strength nylon or polyester, making them durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Builders’ lines are useful for creating straight edges and ensuring the alignment of the bricks is perfect.

What Are Line Blocks?

Line blocks are used in conjunction with builders’ lines to ensure that the string line remains taut and straight. These blocks come in a variety of materials, such as plastic, metal, and wood. They are designed to hold the builders’ line and are placed at either end of the line to ensure the line is level and straight.

How Do I Use a Chalk Line?

A chalk line is a tool used to mark long, straight lines on a surface. It consists of a string or cord that has been coated in chalk powder, which is then snapped onto the surface to create a straight line. Chalk lines are an essential tool for bricklaying, as they allow bricklayers to accurately mark out the position of the string line on the wall. By using a chalk line, bricklayers can create a straight and level reference line, ensuring that the brickwork is precise and accurate. Chalk lines come in various colours, allowing bricklayers to choose the most visible colour for their project.

Line Pins for Sale

Line pins, also known as line blocks, are used to secure the string line at various points along the wall. These pins come in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminium, and plastic, and are designed to be driven into the wall at specific intervals. Line pins are an essential tool for bricklayers, as they ensure that the string line remains straight and level throughout the project.

Buy String Line and Accessories Online

If you’re looking to buy high-quality string lines and accessories, Canberra Diamond Blade is here to assist you. You can visit our physical store in Mitchell, Canberra to purchase these fantastic builders lines in person, or you can contact us at 02 6242 8996 for delivery options. We offer delivery across Canberra, including areas such as Kingston, Giralang, Weston, Bruce, and other suburbs. We also cover surrounding areas such as Murrumbateman, Bungendore, and Jerrabomberra.

If you can’t find the line, pin or block you’re looking for, don’t worry! Simply contact us at 02 6242 8996 and let us know what you require. We can source other products upon request.