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Axes for Sale in Canberra

Axes and hatchets are some of the most versatile tools you can have at your disposal. With an axe by your side you can fell trees, split logs, limb trees and more. We carry plenty of axes for sale to accommodate any and all needs!

Husqvarna Axe

Browsing through our range you will find that our wide selection of axes is second to none. Husqvarna has an excellent axe collection that ensures you can take care of any task. Whether you need to split logs, or fell and limb trees, our selection of forest axes has you covered. These are the best axes Canberra has to offer. Some of these Husqvarna axes for sale are handforged with wooden handles, while others have composite handles.

Types of Axes

While some axes have a universal design, making them viable options for any arborist task, others are more specialised. These axes are best suited for a specific cut or task type, and are more reliable and provide high performance than universal options. Essentially, if you need an all rounder then a universal axe is your best bet, but if you have a specific area of focus then a specialised axe might suit you better.

Hatchet for Sale

Hatchets are essentially small axes, and are suitable for smaller scale work. A hatchet is one handed and can be used to easily chop through smaller pieces of firewood. They are lighter and shorter than a regular axe, making them easier to transport and less fatiguing to use.

Limbing Axe / Felling Axe

Limbing axes, also known as felling axes, are perfectly suited for chopping down trees. You can fell smaller tree trunks with one of these axes, as well as limb logs or trim down branches.

Splitting Axe / Cleaving Axe

A cleaving or splitting axe is the most common axe type as you use it to split / cleave through logs. These axes give a clean cut and are perfect for chopping apart your wood into smaller pieces for firewood.

Sledge Axe / Block Splitter

A sledge axe – otherwise known as a block splitter, block buster or splitting maul – is what you use if you want to split wood more aggressively. In addition to the axe head, the sledge axe also has a side that is closer to a sledge hammer. You can use this hammering function on its own, or alongside a separate wedge. If you are using a steel block splitter, make sure you are not also using a steel wedge – hitting steel on steel can be dangerous as it can cause the wedge to chip.

Buy Axes Online Today

Are you looking to buy an axe but aren’t sure which type or brand is your best bet? We can help! If you are in the Canberra area, stop on by our Mitchell shop to take a look at our range in person and speak with our team. You can also chat with our friendly customer service staff over the phone at 02 6242 8996 or use our contact form to learn about the different axes we have available. We deliver axes Canberra wide, as well as to surrounds like Queanbeyan and Bungendore.

Did you have something specific in mind, but can’t find it here? That’s not a problem as we are able to get other products by request. If your dream axe isn’t here, or if you need a certain type that isn’t covered by our range, just call 02 02 6242 8996 and we will see what we can do.

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