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Brush Cutter Canberra

A brush cutter is basically a souped-up version of a whippersnipper with more horsepower and metal blade or a nylon string. While they are similar in design and purpose. As it’s name suggests, a brushcutter can cut thicker brush and small trees. A whipper snipper is more suitable to grass and light weeds.

Some brushcutters are a two in one machine- able to convert from a line trimmer head to a brushcutter blade.

Types of brush cutters for sale

Brush cutters come in petrol, corded electric or battery operated models. The most powerful model is a petrol brush cutter, and is the one you most often see professionals using.

If you need a brushcutter around your home for domestic use, a battery brush cutter or electric corded brush cutter might do the job perfectly. You should certainly consider battery brushcutter for general domestic use.

Brush Cutter Blades

There are a many types of brushcutter blades and choosing the right ones depends on what you are wanting to cut. If you need a brushcutter blade, give us a call on 0262428996 as we have a good range in store.

What Does A Brushcutter Do?

A brushcutter, also known as a clearing saw, is a robust and powerful tool designed to effectively manage dense vegetation, tough weeds, and small trees. With its sturdy build and formidable cutting capabilities, a clearing saw is the go-to solution for tasks that go beyond the capabilities of regular lawn mowers or trimmers. Equipped with a high-torque engine and a cutting head that features a metal blade or nylon line, brush cutters can swiftly and efficiently cut through thick undergrowth, shrubs, and overgrown areas. These tools are favoured by professionals in landscaping, forestry, and land management industries due to their ability to clear pathways, maintain firebreaks, and enhance the overall appearance of outdoor spaces.

Is a Brush Cutter Good for Long Grass?

Yes, a clearing saw is indeed a suitable choice for tackling long grass. Unlike conventional lawn mowers that might struggle with tall or dense grass, a brushcutter’s powerful engine and robust cutting head can easily handle such challenging vegetation. The high-torque output of a clearing saw allows it to slice through long grass without getting bogged down, making the task of maintaining overgrown areas significantly more efficient. Depending on the model, clearing saws can be equipped with metal blades or heavy-duty nylon lines, both of which are adept at swiftly trimming down tall grass and turning unruly patches into neatly manicured spaces. Whether you’re a professional landscaper dealing with neglected lawns or a property owner seeking to reclaim an overgrown yard, a clearing saw’s ability to tackle long grass effectively makes

Canberra Mower Suppliers Brush Cutters for sale

Here at Canberra Mower Suppliers (also known as CDBS Construction and Garden Centre) we have a great range of brush cutters for sale in Canberra. Why not stop in an say hi, and we can show you what we have. Alternatively just give us a call on 02 6242 8996 so we can help you work out the best brush cutter for you. We can deliver your brushcutter Canberra wide, whether to WodenTuggeranong, Mitchell, Fyshwick, Belconnen or Gungahlin, and even surrounds like Royalla and Yass!

Did you know that we have mechanics onsite to service and repair your brushcutters and other machinery? That way you know if you ever get into a pickle, we have you covered.

Currently we are updating our website and will be adding more brush cutters to our website and appreciate your patience.

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