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Chainsaws: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Variety is the spice of life. But variety can make it hard to choose what one is the best when it comes to chainsaws and other power tools.

At CDBS Construction and Garden Centre (also known as Canberra Mower Suppliers) we only stock durable and quality items that are built to last. To make choosing the right chainsaw for you easy, we’ve put together a complete guide which will help you to buy with confidence!

We’ll run you through all the questions that you need to ask. If you still have questions at the end, we are always on hand to answer your questions, just give us a call!

What should my budget be?

When it comes to chainsaws you can spend as little as $100 and as much as $1,500. Of course, splashing out on a top-end professional-grade chainsaw is probably over the top for homeowners or hobbyists who will only bring out the chainsaw a couple of times a year to do some light pruning!

So, before you look at your budget, consider what you will be cutting with your chain saw, and how often. This will make sure that you are happy with your final decision.

Lightweight Chainsaws

If you are considering buying a chain saw for a few odd jobs, then you can choose one of the more lightweight, slimline electric cordless chainsaws. Such as the Husqvarna 200-mark range. You will notice that the cheaper models tend to boast the same features as the top end models. The main difference is the durability.

Professional Chain saws

A more powerful petrol chainsaw that puts out plenty of torque is better if you are planning on using it more often. All-rounder chain saws, professional chainsaws and top handle chain saws. All of which come with a higher price bracket.

All-round and powerful chainsaws are recommended for homeowners who are looking to tackle big jobs. While the professional chainsaws are perfect for tradesmen, landscapers and gardeners looking for a reliable tool. The Top Handle chainsaws have been built with tree surgeons and cutters in mind who will be putting the powerful tools through extensive and frequent use.

Generally speaking, higher end petrol chainsaws are much more pleasurable to use than the cheaper chainsaw. They are easier and faster to start, and offer less resistance with the pull cord than with cheaper models.

Many of the higher end models are also fitted with anti-vibration technology built into the handle to ensure that the vibrations don’t put strain on your wrists, shoulders and arms.

What else will I need?

Make sure you consider protective gear as part of your budget too! That includes a safety helmet, ear defenders, chainsaw trousers, chainsaw gloves, safety boots,

You’ll also need to check whether the battery chainsaw comes with a battery included. Some manufacturers prefer to sell battery chainsaws without the battery, just in case you already have the battery and charger already. This saves you money as you can share the battery across a number of tools. Items without a battery will say things like “no battery”, “shell ” or “MUO” which means Machine Unit Only.

How Do I Choose the Right Chain Saw?

All chainsaws are pretty versatile. But just because they can cut their way through anything, this doesn’t mean that any old thing is the right tool for the job. As cheaper models are less durable, they may struggle to cut through large trees or hard and thick wood logs. This just makes the job harder for you.

Considering how you will power the chain saw is also an important factor. While many top end models are cordless, some still come with cords. Corded chainsaws can be restrictive where you can use them. You’ll also have to do a fair amount of grappling with the cord – you wouldn’t want it to get in the way of the blade either!

Now, if you are considering a petrol chainsaw, you will need to pay a little more. But a chainsaw is definitely not something that you want to skimp on! The higher-end models come with plenty of other perks other than their robust design. They are also incredibly easy to maintain, usually offering innovative features such as air filtration systems – that means they literally clean themselves!

Petrol Chainsaws vs Electric and Battery Chainsaws

Petrol chainsaws will be more expensive than electric chainsaws. However, electric cordless chainsaws are still preferable to some due to how easy they are to operate. As they come with a cord or rechargeable batteries you won’t need to purchase petrol.

Most chain saw manufacturers now create their chain saws in strict accordance with environmental standards to ensure there are minimal carbon emissions. But even though petrol chainsaws may claim to be green, there’s no greener option than cordless chainsaws! Instead you will usually work with a Li-ion battery which has been built to be recharged up to 100 times!

Chainsaws for Sale Canberra

Purchases for long term use should never be rushed. So it’s important to take the time to consider how much use you will get out of the chainsaw and what you are likely to be cutting with it.

People who are looking to do the occasional bit of light pruning, cut through thick logs every week, and professional landscapers should all have a very different idea of the perfect chainsaw for them.

If you need any further information on our chainsaws for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide more details and offer our advice to ensure that your purchase is the right one. Just give us a call on 02 6242 8996

We are also able to deliver your chainsaw Canberra wide, across the entire territory. We can deliver to areas such as FyshwickBelconnenTuggeranong, Mitchell, Gungahlin and Woden!

Need someone to look at your equipment?

Did you know that we have onsite mechanics right here in Mitchell, Canberra that repair all kinds of garden equipment? If you are looking for a chainsaw service or repair, we can help you out. We also sell spare parts for Husqvarna, Rover, Cub Cadet, Victa and other leading brands.

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