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Battery Chainsaw Canberra

Everybody has an image in their mind of a lumberjack – a husky man attacking a tree with a powerful petrol-powered chainsaw. But this image is changing, and we certainly aren’t all lumberjacks or professional arborists. If you have a job around the house that requires a chainsaw, a newer battery chainsaw may be just what you need.

There are many advantages to these machines. They can be almost as powerful as the petrol-driven variety while being much lighter. They require less maintenance and emit no noxious fumes. A cordless electric chainsaw may be the best choice for those quick or infrequent jobs around your property.

Should I consider a cordless electric chainsaw?

There are a number of things to look at when you are considering purchasing a battery chainsaw, or even if you should be considering purchasing one.

Battery chainsaws are smaller than a petrol powered version but are just so convenient for homeowners with a parcel of land. Battery chainsaws are eighteen inches or shorter, but with modern technology, are almost as powerful as their petrol counterparts. They are also lighter, making them much easier to handle and manoeuvre, and require less maintenance.

Battery chain saws also have a big advantage over a corded electric chainsaw. You are both not restricted by the length of the cord, but you also have the safety benefits of not having a cord to accidentally cut through or fall over.

Things to look for in a battery electric chainsaw


The first thing to look at is the power source. Formerly, most of this type of electric chainsaw was powered by a nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cad) battery, but nowadays most use the more powerful Lithium-ion type battery.

These are lighter in weight and have a larger capacity than the old Ni-cad variety, and will recharge in about an hour.

You’ll want to look at the amps or amperage, and the amp hours of the device. The higher these numbers are, the more powerful the electric chainsaw will be. This power will come at a higher price, however.


As powerful as the battery may be, that power must be transmitted to the motor which drives the electric chainsaw. Previously, most chainsaws used carbon brushes to transmit that power to the motor.

Presently, in battery chainsaws, this power is transmitted by the use of magnets, which require no contact to transmit a charge. This, of course, leads to less friction, and subsequently less wear and tear as well as greater efficiency.

Automatic bar oiling system

One of the more tedious chores in maintaining a chainsaw is making sure the bar is sufficiently oiled. Look for a battery chainsaw with an automatic bar oiling function as this will automatically supply the necessary lubricant, allowing the chain to move smoothly and preventing those annoyingly frequent breaks.

Tool-less chain tensioning

Imagine you’re out in a field when you discover that your battery chainsaw requires a tightening of its chain. No screwdriver or multitool? No problem! Many battery chainsaws offer a tool-less chain tightening feature that allows you to make the adjustment with the turn of a dial. Definitely a feature you want to consider.

Interchangeable batteries with other tools

Cordless chainsaws are more expensive because the price usually includes the battery and charger, but this additional cost can be made up in savings on fuel and maintenance.

In addition, the great thing about some brands is that they use the same battery across a number of their garden machines. This is why you can find battery chainsaws for sale as a “shell”, or machine unit only (MUO).

A great example is the Husqvarna 120i chainsaw  which uses a BLi20 Battery and QC80 Charger. This battery and charger also suits the 215iL battery line trimmer, the LC142i Mower and their 215iHD45 Hedge Trimmer. So you can make quite a saving by using the same power across all your garden machinery.

Chain saw manufacturers such as Husqvarna have worked tirelessly and put plenty of innovation into their electric cordless chainsaw batteries. While in the past the batteries may not have lasted long enough, this is no longer a common complaint.

With available features like these, a battery chainsaw can be a powerful and affordable tool suitable for people looking for something easy, convenient, and powerful.

Battery Chainsaw for Sale in Canberra

Did you know that we sell some of the best battery chainsaw brands such as Victa and Husqvarna. And we are located in Mitchell, Canberra. So you can easily come and check out our chain saw range yourself

As with any major purchase, do your research. You may find that a cordless battery powered chainsaw is just the tool you are looking for. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02 6242 8996.

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