Chamfer Chisel Chain

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Chamfer Chain Saw Chains Australia

Looking for a high quality chamfer chisel chain that will works wonders on green timber and dry wood? You’ve come to the right place! We carry chamfer chisel saw chains that will let you get the job done to perfection.

What Is a Chamfer Chain?

If you have used a semi chisel chain before, you will see some similarities in a chamfer chisel saw chain. They are close in design and have similar levels of kickback reduction, making them great options for staying safe onsite. However, unlike semi chisel options (or most other chain cutter types), chamfer chains don’t have a radius between each plate. Instead, as the name suggests, they have 45 degree chamfers. As a result, you get great performance on both green or dry/hard wood.

Chamfer Chisel Chainsaw Chains For Sale Online

We now have high quality chamfer chisel chains available for purchase through our website! You can order your chamfer chains right now and get them delivered. Alternately, we have a physical shop in Mitchell, Canberra, so why not stop by if you’re in the area? You can speak with our staff and check out the best chamfer chisel chains in Canberra.

If you’re trying to figure out whether a chamfer chisel is the right choice for your chainsaw, or the task at hand, we can help! Our friendly shop staff are only a phone call away at 02 6242 8996. We can discuss the pros and cons of chamfer chainsaw chains, as well as suggest other chain cutter types that might better fit your needs. And of course, we can answer any and all questions in person as well.

Did you know that we don’t just deliver to the local area? Beyond Canberra, from AdelaideSydney and Melbourne to Brisbane and Darwin, from Perth to Hobart, we deliver chamfer chainsaw chains Australia wide. No matter where you are, no matter what chains you need, you can rest assured you will receive your new chamfer chain in no time!

If you are in need of a different chain type, we have plenty of other chainsaw chains for sale, including full chisel, semi chisel and micro chisel options. So take a look and see what you can find!

Looking to upgrade your saw? Just getting into forestry or garden work? We can provide everything you need, because we have a massive selection of chain saws for sale. Take your pick of petrol or battery chainsaws and find the perfect saw to go with your new chains.