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 Battery Lawn Mower for Sale

If you’ve got a lawn to cut, you know that the ease of the job depends on the quality of your tool. With a petrol-powered mower, you’ve got to deal with noxious fumes, mixing the fuel, maintaining the motor, and just getting the thing started at times.

An electric mower is easier to start and to maintain, and doesn’t leave you gasping for a breath of fresh air, but what about that cord? It can get in the way and restrict your movements. A battery lawn mower is a simple solution, that gives you all the benefits of an electric mower without having to be plugged in.

Benefits of a cordless mower

There are a number of things to consider if you are contemplating going cordless. Cordless lawn mowers are so convenient. Of course, as you are not restricted by a cord limiting how and where you move, and there is no mixing of fuel.

Another great thing about cordless mowers is, that they are in general, much lighter than their petrol counterparts. This makes battery powered lawn mowers easier to manoeuvre.

What lawns types are suited to a battery mower?

Most cordless mowers are powered by a 36V lithium battery, which should work well for residential lawns, those under 700m2.

Really any lawn that takes less than an hour to mow is a good contender for one of these battery mowers. For larger lawns, or for rougher terrain, you may need to invest in a petrol mower or ride on mower.

How to choose the best battery mower for your lawn?

The first thing to consider is the cutting width of a cordless mower. A wider width will allow you to complete the job with fewer passes, and therefore in less time.

As with any battery lawnmower you are considering buying, make sure it has all the bells and whistles you want.

Adjustable cutting heights are, of course, desirable in a battery mower. Large rear wheels will add to the ease of operation. And consider just how you want to dispose of the cut grass. Do you want a rear grass bag to collect the trimmings for later disposal? Or a side blower? It’s up to you.

Interchangeable batteries with other tools

Cordless mowers are more expensive because the price usually includes the battery and charger, but this additional cost can be made up in savings on fuel and maintenance.

In addition, the great thing about some brands is that they use the same battery across a number of their garden machines. This is why you can find battery mowers for sale as a “shell”, or machine unit only (MUO).

A great example is the Husqvarna LC142i Mower which uses a BLi20 Battery and QC80 Charger. This battery and charger also suits the 215iL battery line trimmer, the 120i chainsaw, and their 215iHD45 Hedge Trimmer. So you can make quite a saving by using the same power across all your garden machinery.

Charging requirements and battery length

Not all battery mowers are created equal. Some batteries will need to be charged overnight, while others will require as little as a half-hour. Sometimes batteries are compatible with a couple of different chargers. Higher performing chargers often provide a faster charge than the standard charger.

For example, a QC80 charger will charge a BLi20 battery in around 2 hours and 10 mins. But a QC330 charger can power this battery fully in 40 minutes.

Running time of any of the Husqvarna interchangeable batteries will be dependent on which machine you are using it with, the age of the battery, and whether you are using your machine for light or more tough work.

So you might expect to get 60 minutes of work with a line trimmer on a single charge but with the battery lawnmowers you will be able to mow for approximately 30 minutes on one charge.

Make sure to check battery performance expectations before you purchase. It really does come down to a bit of “you get what you pay for”.

Battery Mowers for Sale in Canberra

Did you know that we sell some of the best battery lawn mower brands such as Victa and Husqvarna. And we are located in Mitchell, Canberra. So you can easily come and check out our lawnmower range yourself!

As with any major purchase, do your research. You may find that a cordless, battery powered lawn mower is just the tool you are looking for. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02 6242 8996 – our helpful staff can tell you all about the features of the best battery lawn mowers Mitchell can provide.

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