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Ride on Mowers

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Landscape companies around the country often use riding lawn mowers in their businesses. Ride-on mowers with catchers or mulchers are also becoming more popular for residential homeowners as well. Compared to manual push mowers, ride on lawnmowers make it easier for homeowners to take care of their large yards.

The question is what are the best ride-on mowers and what are the benefits of these ride on mowers?

How to choose the best ride-on mower for you?

If your lawn is larger than a half-acre, a ride-on lawn mower would be your optimal choice. When choosing from the range of ride-on mowers for sale, you should consider the size. On the one hand, the bigger the deck the faster you cut. But on the other hand, the larger space you need to store it. So sometimes a small ride-on mower is all you need.

To make it easy, Husqvarna ride-on mowers have been categorised into model numbers that make it easy to work out which riding mower is the best for your block size. Husqvarna ride-on lawn mower model numbers start with TS and is then followed by a number. The first digit indicates how many acres it is recommended for and the last two digits are the deck size.

So the TS138 garden tractor is best for 1 acre and has a 38-inch deck. Whereas Husqvarna recommends the TS342 garden tractor for approximately 3 acre blocks and it has a 42″ deck.

Convenience of a Rider Mower

It is much quicker to cut your lawn with a ride on lawn mower. So if you are running a garden maintenance business a lawn tractor will definitely pay for itself quickly.

In the heat of summer, a rider mower is also much better. You can get the job done quickly, with minimal effort with a cool bottle of water in hand.

Ride-on lawn mowers are also better for people with health issues because there’s much less manual labour involved.

There are also side benefits of riders. Rideon mowers can also serve other purposes such as towing a small garden trailer- this depends on the model you buy.

How to deal with grass clippings

The most popular are the side discharge ride on lawn mowers. They are the fastest cut, can deal with most conditions, and you don’t have to worry about disposing of your clippings. Most people with acreages, don’t mind that the grass sprays out the side. You might have heard of these referred to as a ride on slasher mower, or ride on slasher

But there are other options that are more suitable for others. A mulching rider is a popular option as it cuts the lawn up into small pieces. This means that the cuttings are less visible and break down faster into the soil, fertilising the lawn. A mulching ride on mower’s cut is not as fast as a side discharge, and it is not as effective in wet conditions.

Ride on mowers with catcher are another popular option. They leave a very clean look as all the clippings are picked up. If you have a lot of weeds, you don’t need to worry about distributing the seeds further across your lawn with a ride on lawnmower with catcher.

Difference between Riders

While many call all grass cutting machines that you sit on a ‘ride on lawnmower’ – there are differences between them.

As many people often use the name ride on lawn mower interchangeably across all types. We have grouped them together to make it easy to browse our range.

But here’s a quick run-through of the main differences between them.

ride on mowers available in Mitchell Canberra

Ride-on Front Mowers

As the name may suggest, ride-on front mowers have a front-mounted cutting deck. This is particularly useful when the garden that you are mowing has a lot of obstacles and tight spaces.

The position and low height of the cutting deck makes it easy to mow the grass underneath benches and tables, bushes, playground equipment and other low objects.

The size of this type can vary from a mini ride on mower for a small yard to a much larger deck size even with 4wd.

Zero Turn Mower?

A zero-turn riding lawn mower is a standard riding lawn mower with a turning radius that is effectively zero. Most zero-turn mowers have four wheels. Usually two swivelling wheels out front and two large drive wheels in the back.

The steering of a zero turn ride on mower is controlled by operator handles which control each individual drive wheel. When one wheel is stopped and the other engaged, the turning radius of zero turn lawn mowers is reduced to nothing.

Ride on Lawn Tractors or Garden Tractors

A lawn tractor is easy to use, and have minimal chance of tipping.

The big difference between a lawn or garden tractor to a ride-on lawn mower is that garden tractors have cutting decks mounted in the middle rather than the front. Due to this, a tractor mower is less manoeuvrable but are often much larger and great for home owners with larger acreages. Also commercial ride on mowers for councils mowing large nature strips along roads are usually a lawn tractor or a commercial stand-on mower.

A lawn tractor can often be used to tow small garden trailers.

Ride on Mowers Canberra

If you need a little help choosing a ride on lawn mower, we’re happy to help you out. We have some of the best ride on lawnmowers for sale such as Cub Cadet, Rover, and Husqvarna ride on mowers.

For advice on a ride on mower for sale, just call us on 02 6242 8996. At CDBS Construction and Garden Centre (also known as Canberra Mower Suppliers), we are the Canberra mower shop that makes sure that you get the best ride on a lawnmower for what you need. If you are around Canberra, come in to our shop in Mitchell and say Hi. We will talk you through all the features of our range of lawn tractors and ride-on lawnmowers.

And if you want to order a mower but can’t come in to pick it up, no worries! We can deliver your ride on lawnmower Canberra wide – just contact us for a delivery quote! We service areas including – but not limited to – MitchellBelconnenTuggeranong, Fyshwick, Woden and Gungahlin!

More than just ride on mowers for sale

For your peace of mind, you might like to know that we are not only a lawn mower shop, but we can service and repair all your garden and construction machinery.

So you know that we have your back for the life of your machine. We start our support to you with the sale, as our experienced mechanics are in house in Mitchell, Canberra to look after all your ride on mower service needs down the track.

We are experienced in servicing and repairing large to small ride on mowers, chainsaws and much more garden machinery. If you prefer to DIY, we post Husqvarna ride on mower parts as well as many other brands of ride on mower parts directly to you.

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