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Leaf Blowers for Sale

At Canberra Mower Supplies (also known as CDBS Construction and Garden Centre) we stock a wide range of Husqvarna leaf blowers.

Whether you are looking for a corded electric, battery operated, or petrol garden blower we have the best range to choose from.

Leaf Blower Types

The most common leaf blowers are the self contained handheld garden blowers. These range from small domestic garden blowers to professional grade strength leaf blowers.

They can also come in other forms, like a backpack mounted blower with a hand wand. These are more comfortable for periods of extended use.

Some garden blowers also have the ability to suck in leaves and small twigs via a vacuum, and shred them into a bag. These are called a blower vac.

Petrol Leaf Blower Considerations

Petrol Leaf Blowers are hugely popular, especially for tradesmen and people who live on large domestic blocks.

On advantage is that they are more powerful than electric corded or battery operated blowers. another advantage is that they are not restricted by an extension cord or battery life.

Electric and Battery Garden Blowers

And electric garden blower or battery garden blower are less powerful than a petrol blower. But their benefits are that they are lighter and quieter but you still need to wear earmuffs.

Another clear benefit is that there are no exhaust fumes to breath in.

The real downsides are the restrictions in power, and cord length / battery life. But if you don’t have a huge block, these are great options for a domestic leaf blower.

Leaf blowers – the great productivity hack

Think of how long it takes to rake up your autumn leaves. Garden blowers are the easiest way to quickly gather big messes of leaves into manageable piles.

Better yet, peg down a tarp and blow your leaves into a pile on there. Then there is no simpler way of transferring your debris into the compost, green bin, or trailer.

How much power does my Garden Blower need?

It is more common for people to buy a leaf blower that is too weak than too strong for their needs. A garden blower used on dry debris might be fine with a weak engine. But as soon as there is any moisture involved, the debris clumps up and becomes much heavier.

But even the biggest blower will struggle when leaves are too heavy. So if you have to move a big pile, start at the edge and gradually progress into the bulk.

Leaf Blower Canberra

If you need a leaf blower, pop in to our shop in Mitchell, Canberra. We sell quality Husqvarna leaf blowers and you can check them out in person.

If you have any questions before you swing by, just give us a call on 0262428996.

We can also deliver across the entire Canberra area, from Belconnen, Mitchell and Gungahlin to WodenFyshwick and Tuggeranong, plus surrounding areas including Yass, Murrumbateman, Royalla, Bungendore and Queanbeyan.

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