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Oregon Log Splitter – 28 Ton

Oregon 28 Ton Log Splitter with Honda GX270 engine RRP $3599 If your cutting wood, this Oregon Log Splitter with Honda GX270 has the ability to make a once daunting task easier than ever. Not everyone is fully aware of the health risks which come...

Log Splitter 30 Tonne – Lifan

Log Splitter 30 Ton – Lifan Only $1999 (incl GST) Make easy work of splitting logs up to 500mm in length with this 30 Ton log splitter from Lifan. This log splitter can be used vertically or horizontally, saving you from excessive heavy lifting. –...

Log Splitter 35 Tonne – Lifan

Log Splitter 35 Tonne – Lifan $2600 (incl GST) Make easy work of splitting logs with this 35 Ton 9HP log splitter from Lifan. This log splitter can be used vertically or horizontally, saving you from excessive heavy lifting. 9hp Lifan 4 stroke engine 12...

Log Splitter for Sale in Canberra

A log splitters make the job so much easier and faster. Are you still doing things the hard way?

Log splitters are a great machines. They can make easy work of splitting softwood or hardwood fire logs. Basically, the more tons of force a log splitter has, the bigger the fire log can be.

In the cold of Canberra winters, anything to make your job easier and faster is definitely a great investment.

Log splitting has never been anyone’s favourite task, it’s dangerous, and it can be incredibly tiring. However, with the introduction of heavy-duty log splitters, what was once incredibly hard labour can now be achieved through automatic operation.

How does a Log Splitter Work?

Log splitters work by enabling you to simply press a button – or pull a lever depending on which model you chose. Then, log splitters split the log to any size and shape you desire.

Investing in a log splitter reduces the risk of on-site injury as well as allowing you to achieve the perfect cut each and every time. Every electric log splitter or hydraulic splitter is different and able to cut to different required diameters.

You can use logsplitters horizontally or vertically- vertical log splitting is especially great for large heavy logs.

Check out our Oregon log splitters in action below:

Hydraulic Log Splitters for Sale

Our log cutters come equipped with powerful hydraulics and incredibly high amounts of horsepower. They’re not lightweight machines either, but this sturdy construction allows you to slice through larger and thicker logs with maximum efficiency and speed.

So, if you think it’s about time to put down the axe and take advantage of state-of-the-art technology log splitters are quickly becoming the must have tool amongst tree surgeons.

What to Consider Before looking at Log Splitters

Here are just a few things you’ll need to consider before committing to a purchase of a log splitter:

What size log splitter do you require?

How many logs are you likely to be cutting?

The upfront cost of log splitters may seem substantial, but its an investment when you think of the toil wood cutting has on your body.

Additionally, just think of what you will be able to achieve in your free time now that your labour isn’t taken up by splitting logs.

People who are highly experienced with an axe will understand that sometimes, no matter how great the quality of your axe, sometimes, wood is impossible to get through. But considering that the entry-level hydraulic log splitters start from 22 ton in weight, there’s no wood stubborn enough for a hydraulic log splitter not to get through!

Log Splitter specifications:

The three types of log splitters that we have in stock are the:

Oregon 28 Ton Log Splitter

30 Ton Log Splitter  by Lifan

35 Ton Log Splitter by Lifan.

Oregon Log Splitter

The Oregon 28-Ton hydraulic log splitter features a 8.5 horsepower Honda® GX270 Commercial Engine and a reinforced beam engineered and manufactured with high strength U.S. Steel right here in the U.S.A. This splitter features EXtendSplit™

Lifan Log Splitters

Our log splitters from Lifan are robust and made to last. To prove this, they are backed by a 3 year engine warranty on Lifan engine models, and a 12 month hydraulic parts warranty.

Should you have a preference for a Honda engine, this can be arranged (additional charges apply).

Log Splitters in Canberra and the surrounding areas

We sell log splitters to customers right across Canberra and surrounding areas like Royalla, Queanbyean, Fyshwick, Wamboin, and Yass.

Whether you want to pop in and grab one from our shop in Mitchell, Canberra or you would like a delivery quote – we can help you out.

Just give us a call on 0262428996 and we will ensure you choose the model that is best for you.

Want to see what else we sell in our Mower Centre? Do you need your log splitter repaired or serviced? We have mechanics in store ready to help out!