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Husqvarna 122C Line Trimmer 0.6kW 21.7cc

Husqvarna 122C Line Trimmer, 21.7cc, 0.6kW RRP: $249 The Husqvarna 122C Line trimmer has long been regarded as the easiest 2 stroke line trimmer to use for homeowners looking for a light weight trimmer to keep their domestic property well maintained. Even though the line trimmer is...

Husqvarna 129C Linetrimmer, 27.6cc, 0.85kW

Husqvarna 129C Linetrimmer, 27.6cc, 0.85kW RRP: $349 Husqvarna 129C Linetrimmer 0.85kW – 2 stroke lawn trimmer is the ultimate model when it comes to high performance. The bent-shaft petrol trimmer comes equipped with plenty of power offered by the Husqvarna 129C engine to help you...

Cub Cadet Whipper Snipper CC924

Cub Cadet CC924 Straight Shaft Loop Grass Trimmer RRP: $529 inc GST Looking for the best whippersnipper for sale? Look no further than the Cub Cadet CC924 Straight Shaft Loop string trimmer. Cub Cadet has been equipping professional landscapers and homeowners alike with top-quality products...

Whipper Snipper Canberra

Whether you call your whipper snipper a line trimmer, a weed eater or grass trimmer, you know that it is very useful in cutting grass that can’t be reached by your lawnmower.

For grass too close to the fence or for weeds on a steep terrain, the wipper snipper is the machine you need. It works through its rotating head that spins a nylon trimmer line so fast it is great for cutting grass and slight woody plants.

Here at Canberra Mower Suppliers we stock the great range of Husqvarna whipper snippers. With powerful motors and long lasting performance, you know that you have a quality machine with a Husqvarna whipper snipper.

Husqvarna Wippersnippers are versatile and high performing. Each garden trimmer has been ergonomically designed for comfortable and quiet use.

Types of Whippersnippers for sale

Grass trimmers come in petrol, corded electric or battery operated varieties. The most powerful type is a petrol whipper snipper, and this is most often used by professionals. For those who need a line timmer at home for domestic use, a battery or electric corded whippersnipper might be all you need.

Line trimmers can also be purchased in corded electric or cordless battery-powered model and we will cover some of all types. You should certainly consider an electric whipper snipper or battery whipper snipper for general domestic use.

Bent Shaft vs Straight Shaft Line Trimmer

You might be wondering why whippersnippers come in different styles. A key difference are the straight shaft timmers and the bent shaft trimmers.

A straight shaft whipper snipper are the best option for very tall users. This is due to the shaft being longer and tall users do not have to bend to compensate. A straight shaft wippersnipper is also great for reaching into hard to reach places.

The bent shaft whipper snipper is the more common, and most affordable style. While the straight shaft whippersnipper generally is a more powerful machine.

Grass Trimmer Line Attachment

There are three ways in which the cutting line is attached to the hub of the wipper snipper.

1. The most common is the Bump feed. This is where you  bump the underside of the whipper snippers hub on the ground and the line wears down. This bumping action releases a length of line so you can continue trimming.

2. The automatic feed trimmers use a counterbalance on the whipper snippers line to determine when new line should be dispensed.

3. A manual feed head is great for people who want to use thicker and stronger reinforced line that will last longer. A manual feed is where you attach a set amount of line to the wipper snipper head and you must replace it manually yourself when it wears out.

Line Trimmers at Canberra Mower Suppliers

If you can’t see the Husqvarna grass trimmer you need, just give us a call on 0262428996. We can also help you choose the best whipper snipper for what you need, so don’t hesitate to ask for our friendly advice.

Currently we are updating our website and will be adding more whipper snippers to our website and thank you for your patience.

We are located in Mitchell, Canberra and have a great range of wippersnippers for you to browse through.

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