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Cement Sprayer for finishing concrete

Once your concrete slab is down you need to seal the concrete to keep the slab dry. Water brings with it dust and other minerals and it gets into the cement’s pores. This not only makes it harder to clean but shortens the life of the concrete.

What are concrete sealer sprayers used for?

There are four main types of concrete sealers:

1. Penetrating Sealers:

3. Polyurethane

4. Epoxy

What are the key features of a concrete pressure sprayer?

Cement sprayers are an open head sprayer to achieve even distribution of the sealer across the slab.  They contain specially designed seals and gaskets to handle a variety of chemicals. This is designed to ensure you get long lasting performance from your cement sprayer, protecting it from rust and corrosion.

They generally come with a larger volume capacity. Our concrete sealer sprayers for sale are 13.2L.

How to use a concrete sealer sprayer?

Spray parallel to the concrete, keeping the nozzle pointing upward so the spray gently falls to the surface. Pointing the concrete sprayers nozzle directly towards the concrete will create an uneven distribution of the sealant and could cause noticeable patterns, or pulling on the surface.

Make sure the tip of your cement sprayer remains clean and creates an even mist. Ensure there is enough pressure by regularly pumping up your concrete sprayer.

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