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Edgers, Groovers and Coving Trowels Canberra

Edgers, groovers, and trowels are three of the most important tools for concreters, allowing for precision and accuracy in the finishing process. When it comes to concrete work, having the right tools is essential. Edgers allow you to get smooth, rounded edges on your perimeters. Meanwhile, groovers create control joints and grooves in the concrete to prevent unsightly cracks. Trowels, on the other hand, let you smooth and level freshly poured concrete surfaces. Together, these tools provide a comprehensive solution for all your concrete finishing needs. If you are a concreter, contractor or other professional, having these tools in your arsenal is a must.

What are Concrete Edgers Used For?

Concrete edgers create a smooth, rounded edge on the perimeter of your concrete surfaces. They work on both freshly poured concrete and older surfaces that need repair or re-finishing. Edgers are especially useful for creating a professional and finished look to concrete surfaces, such as sidewalks, patios, and driveways.

For concreters, edgers are essential for getting a professional and finished look on your concrete surfaces no matter where they are. They come in different sizes and shapes, including flat, curved, and rectangular, to suit different edging applications. Edgers can also help with creating control joints in concrete, which help prevent cracking. However, if you are working on fresh concrete and want the highest quality joints, then a groover / jointer is your best bet.

What Is a Coving Trowel?

Coving trowels are a type of trowel that can create a smooth, curved edge between the floor and the wall. They are an essential tool for concreters who want to achieve a seamless and professional finish to their concrete surfaces. Coving trowels come in various sizes and shapes to suit different types of surfaces and applications, and they can function just as well on both walls and floors.

One of the primary reasons why coving trowels are so useful is that they allow for a more finished and polished look to concrete surfaces. Creating an edge that is curved and smoothed can help to enhance the overall appearance of a room or space. This is especially important for areas where aesthetics are crucial, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and other living spaces.

Another purpose of trowelling concrete is that smoothing out the surface removes any excess water and strengthens the concrete. By consolidating the concrete, it becomes stronger and more durable. Concrete trowelling also helps create a surface that is more resistant to wear and tear, as well as weathering and other environmental factors.

In addition to enhancing the appearance and quality of concrete surfaces, coving trowels can also improve your work experience. They allow for more precise and accurate work, as they provide greater control and consistency in creating curved edges. With coving trowels, you can achieve a professional finish more easily and quickly, which can save you time and effort on the job.

How Do I Use Concrete Groovers and Jointers?

Concrete groovers, also known as jointers, create joints or grooves in freshly poured concrete. These joints help control where the concrete will crack as it dries and shrinks, preventing unsightly and potentially damaging cracks from forming randomly. Groovers come in various sizes and shapes. You can use these to create different joint patterns, including straight lines, curves, and diamond shapes.

To use concrete groovers and jointers, you will need to wait until the concrete has hardened enough to support your weight but is still soft enough to work and reshape. Then, use the groover or jointer to create the desired joint or groove pattern. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and use protective gear to prevent injury.

Edgers, Groovers, and Coving Trowels for Sale

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