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Submersible Flex Drive Pump – Master Finish

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Submersible Flex Drive Pump – Master Finish

Submersible Flex Drive Pump – Master Finish Master Finish is a leading brand in the construction industry, and this submersible flex drive pump lives up to their quality name. The KS212 is a flexible shaft driven submersible pump especially designed for construction, mining, excavations, floodwater,...

SuperSite Submersible Pump (Flex Drive) – Hoppt

SuperSite Submersible Pump (Flex Drive) – Hoppt You know you have a reliable submersible pump on site with the SuperSite submersible pump from Hoppt Australia. This type of submersible pump is also known as a Sump Pump, Submersible Flexible Drive Pump, or a Trash Pump....

The Versatility of a Flex Drive Submersible Pump

Flex Drive Pumps are perfect for construction, mining, civil, and farming operations. These submersible pumps are widely used for pumping and draining in construction building sites, tunnels, water reservoirs, mining applications.

You might also know of these flex shaft pumps as as Sump Pumps, Dewatering Pumps, Submersible Flexible Drive Pumps, or Trash Pumps.

Flexible shaft pumps are mini centrifugal pumps that have a long shaft that gets lowered into the water or sump, while the drive unit is located in the dry.

How is a Flex Drive Trash Pump Powered?

The Flex drive Pump is  connected to a drive unit for power. Once in the water the rotating flexible shaft drives the pump head through the power of the drive unit.

What makes these submersible pumps the best choice for Construction?

The Flexible shaft makes these trash pumps very versatile as they are portable and can be used in many situations where close coupled pumps would not be suitable.

Flex Drive Pumps are completely self-priming which means they will self regulate the correct vacuum for optimal pumping.

These submersible pumps are designed to pump solids as well as liquids which is important in construction, mining and farming jobs.

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