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Walk-Behind Trowel Machines

Canberra Diamond Blade is dedicated to ushering the Australian trade industry into a new era of modernisation. Therefore, we stock only the most cutting-edge, state of the art tools and machinery at our online store. All our tools have been purpose-built and specially designed to make their application that much easier to complete.

Part of our dedication to modernising the trades of Australia is through the distribution of advanced masonry tools and machinery. Canberra Diamond has a range of walk behind trowel machines for sale at our online store. Forget the backbreaking labour that comes with the spreading, shaping and modelling of mortar; make your job easier with a walk behind trowel machine.

Walk-behind trowel machines are the perfect way to reduce costs by increasing productivity. They are the perfect tool for concretors who do a lot of slab work.

Deciding you need a power trowel is the first step. The second is exploring all the concrete trowel machine for sale.

Why Use a Walk Behind Trowelling Machine?

Walk behind trowelling machines, also known as concrete helicopters or concrete whirlybirds, are perfect for finishing concrete. They help you to cover more ground and complete the job faster with a smooth slab finish every time.

Troweling Machines are suitable for use outdoors and indoors. On average, tradies can cover at least three times more ground compared to using manual tools.

The first benefit of using a walk-behind troweling machine is the smooth finish. The second is that the trowel will draw out moisture and speed up the drying process.

Troweling Machine for Commercial Use

Alongside the size differences there are plenty of other features to consider. Generally, the machines fall into two categories:

– commercial models, and

– pro models.

But, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to choosing the best power trowel. While some trowels can cover larger spaces in a shorter amount of time, you’ll also need an edger trowel for the edge of the slab.

The 24” model by Bartell is amongst one of the most favoured on the global market by concreters. This trowelling machine can work against the edge of walls, small doorways and fixtures.

Before you purchase your power trowel take into account how long it will take you to get the job done.

A 46” inch trowel machine is perfect for tackling larger concrete pours and finishes. Every job a trader takes is different. But. it is important that you anticipate what kind of spaces you’ll need to cover on average.

With a 36” concrete trowelling machine you will be able to cover from 304 meters to 1000 meters per day. Yet, the amount of ground you are able to cover will depend on conditions.

The 30” trowel machine is the most versatile option, suitable both for large areas and edging. The 30” diameter can fit through most door frames and around most pluming or other floor fittings.

What to Consider When Buying a Power Float

Trowelling machines come in three different categories:

1. General Finishing – Recommended for traders who are first expanding their concrete business. Guaranteed to improve quality of the slab and production time and reduce costs.

2. High Horsepower Models – These models feature added weight and power providing extra torque. This will benefit traders operating in windy or hot conditions.

3. Variable Speed Trowels – Speed ranges vary from 20-200 rpm offering a wide-spread range.

When you’re looking for the best concrete trowelling machine, you’ll need to consider the flatness rating. There is a widespread acceptance on the F-rating system. The F-rating system should be a major consideration in your purchase decision.

If you need to cover more than 1000 meters per day, then ride-on trowels may be the best option.

Looking for Trowel Machine Blades and Other Spare Parts?

We are an authorised warranty service and repair agent for all the trowel machines that we stock. So if you need trowel machine blades, just give us a call on 02 6242 8996 and let us know your machine brand and model number. We deliver Australia wide.

Trowel machines for sale

If you have ever found yourself at your local hardware store, waiting in line or for assistance from an unenthusiastic staff member, only to find out they don’t have the tool you’re looking for – we are perfect for you. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of products, including our trowelling machines, that are modern, advanced and make for a quicker and more efficient application.

Not only this, but our team is here to help you every step of the way. Whether you are looking to buy something as small as a pitcher or something as great as a troweling machine, we will be happy to help you with all of your product enquires. Such is our commitment to ensuring that our customers not only receive the best service available, but that they also find the tool or machinery that will make their job that much easier and effective.

So, if you want to find out more about our range of trowel machines for sale, or enquire about replacement trowel machine blades, just give us a call on 02 62428996. We’ll help you work out which is the best model for you.

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