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What to look for in Asphalt Diamond Blades

Diamond Blades for asphalt (also referred to as bitumen but bitumen is the liquid binder that holds asphalt together) have been especially designed to cope with its unique softer properties. Asphalt Diamond blades have special hard bonds which creates a perfect wear rate of both the soft material and the hard diamond blade when cutting.

What if I use the wrong diamond blade for cutting asphalt?

If you don’t use a hard bond diamond blade suited to cutting asphalt, the cut won’t be as clean and you will undermine the life of your blade.

Another thing to look out for is that before you start cutting the asphalt, is sweeping the area to remove pebbles, dust and sand etc. It might sound trivial, but while they seem insignificant, these little granules can damage your asphalt diamond blade and reduce the quality of the cut.

How to Cut Asphalt

The best machine for saw cutting asphalt is a Road Saw. You may have also heard it called a Concrete Saw (Consaw), Walk behind Saw, or a Floor Saw.

While there are asphalt cutter road saws often available in equipment hire centres that only take a 14 inch blade. This is considered small.

Road Saws are what the professionals use in Civil Works to cut asphalt roads or to cut asphalt footpaths. They are essential in performing road works, and in laying pipes under roads. They generally take large size asphalt diamond blades, from 20 inch up to even 42 inch and they cut wet.

Using a Demo Saw to cut asphalt

You can actually turn your demolition saw into a road cutter by putting it onto a specialised power cutter trolley. This will make the job much easier on you as you don’t have to bend down and walk backwards cutting your line and helps keep your lines straight. You can easily add a water canister on like the Hose2Go so you don’t waste man power with a labourer holding a hose. If you don’t have a trolley, but you do have a quick cut demo saw, then cutting asphalt is easy if you have the right diamond blade.

Can I use an Angle Grinder to cut Asphalt?

You can cut anything with an angle grinder including asphalt as long as you have an asphalt diamond blade. When cutting asphalt with an angle grinder you will be cutting dry – so you need to get a dry cutting saw blade. It will be dusty so make sure you’re wearing protective clothing.

The other thing you need to think about is the depth of the asphalt. If you cut asphalt with an angle grinder thats only 4 inchs, it just might not get your cut deep enough.

Can I use a Circular Saw to cut asphalt?

Cutting asphalt with circular saw is not the best option, but can be done. If you have a small job to do – like tidying up the edge of a slab or path – and you already have a circular saw, then you might prefer to use what you have than buy another tool.

First you will need to buy a diamond blade for cutting asphalt. As you would with any other machine, make sure the asphalt blade for circular saw fits properly.

You will also need to make sure that the asphalt cutting blade has the correct RPM as required by your circular saw – it should say it in the specifications of the blade and in your saws instruction manual.

So what are the best diamond blades for asphalt cutting?

We have done the hard work and pulled together a quality selection of  diamond blades for asphalt cutting. Just keep in mind that just because they all cut asphalt,  they are not all the same. Each asphalt saw blade has unique properties that influences things like:

– what other materials it can cut

– cutting quality
– cutting speed

– how loud or quiet it is

– blade RPM
– lifespan of blade,
– whether it is best for wet or dry cutting.

So you can have confidence in your decision, we have listed cutting details against each diamond blade we have for sale. That way you can easily view the features, and work out which one is best for what you need.

If you need any support or advice, just give us a call on 0262428996.
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