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Flash 14″ Universal Segmented Turbo – Paragon

Flash™ 14″ Universal Segmented Turbo Diamond Blade – Paragon Be confident that you have affordable reliability with this 14 inch Universal diamond blade from Paragon® Tools. For use on all materials on a construction site. The segments are designed to blow dust and slurry from...

Flash Multi-Purpose Diamond Blade Turbo – Paragon

Flash™ Multi-Purpose Diamond Blade Turbo – Paragon The Paragon Flash Diamond blades are a quality Multi-Purpose Diamond blade that is handy for cutting a range of materials on a construction site. The turbo rim gives this blade the edge with its superior cutting speed. It...

KT1 9 inch Turbo Diamond Rim Diamond Blade – UNITEC

KT1 9 inch Turbo Diamond Rim Diamond Blade – UNITEC For use on: cutting clay pavers, terracotta, concrete, granite, Bluestone etc Suitable to be used wet or dry Premium Diamond Blade Sizes also available from 4 to 14 inches on special order. Contact us if...

Paragon – Stealth Master Universal (Hard / Brick) Diamond Blade

Stealth Master Universal Brick and Paver Diamond Blade – Paragon™ Tools This is a top of the range universal hard material and brick and paver blade.   Featuring carbide inserts that protect the blade’s segment when cutting across different bricks especially those made from softer abrasive...

Superior MPS Turbo Multi-purpose Diamond Blades – OX TOOLS

Superior MPS Turbo Multi-purpose Diamond Blade – OX TOOLS For use on: Granite, natural stone, clay products, engineering bricks, metal,concrete products, all building materials. Guaranteed to cut all masonry construction products including metal. Excellent fast cut on universal & hard materials. Reinforced flange. Cooling holes...

Superior Superfast MPSS Seg Turbo Multi-purpose Diamond Blades- OX TOOLS

Superior Superfast MPSS Seg Turbo Multi-purpose Diamond Blade – OX TOOLS These Diamond Superior saw blades are for use on: Granite, natural stone, clay products, engineering bricks, concrete products, all building materials The original Professional “SUPERIOR” diamond blade Cooler cutting and semi-transparent in use 15mm...

Basalt / Bluestone Diamond Blades

At Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers we stock a range of Bluestone Diamond Blades and other rock cutting saw blades and deliver across Australia.

Basalt or commonly known as bluestone is a hard rock with a beautiful blue, black and grey coloration. It is sourced often from Wee Jasper NSW, and is also known as Wee Jasper Stone, or the Victorians call it Victorian Bluestone when its from down there.

It is really popular in feature walls in landscapes, internal and external feature walls and commercial design works.

Basalt / bluestone is a hard rock igneous stone and needs rock cutting saw blades fit for purpose. The clear best blade for cutting bluestone is a diamond blade.

How to cut stone

When you are trying to work out how to cut rock like bluestone, it is important to consider the size and shape of the stones you are cutting – as well as how much you have to cut.

When you are dealing with a random assortment of large and small chunks of bluestone, you are best off with a power cutter as your rock cutting saw of choice – these are also referred to as a demolition saw (demo saw) or quick cut.

They are powerful, take a decent diamond blade size (generally a 12 inch, 14 inch or 16 inch depending on the brand and model) and with the right rock saw blade it will easily cut rocks.

If you are cutting bluestone pavers, blue stone bricks or bluestone blocks, then a standard bricksaw or blocksaw is probably a  better option for you.

You can always cut bluestone with an angle grinder and people also have been known for cutting bluestone with circular saw. Both will do as a rock cutting saw but depth will be your biggest concern when cutting rock – the smaller the blade, the shallower the cut will be.

Another thing to watch out for is the dust created from dry cutting stone. Just remember to look after yourself and wear protective clothing, like a mask and safety goggles.

So what are the best basalt / bluestone diamond blades for cutting?

We have done the hard work and pulled together a quality selection of diamond blades suitable for blue stone cutting. Just keep in mind that just because they all cut bluestone,  they’re not all the same. Each rock cutting saw blade has unique properties that influences things like:

– blade RPM

– what other materials it can cut

– cutting quality
– how loud or quiet it is

– blade size

– cutting speed
– lifespan of blade,
– whether it is best for wet or dry cutting.

We want you to have confidence in your decision, so we have listed cutting details against each bluestone cutting diamond blade that we have for sale. That way it’s easy for you to view the features, and work out which stone cutting blades are best for your stone cutting project.

These rock saw diamond blades are available for purchase online and can be delivered Australia wide. Just remember, you get free delivery on any orders over $200.

If you need any support or advice on which diamond blade is best for job, just give us a call on 0262428996.

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