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 Brick Saw Blades for Cutting Bricks and Hard Pavers

These days bricklaying is about efficiency and the fastest way for cutting Bricks or Pavers with a perfect cut is with diamond brick saw blades.

What Saws are the best to use for Cutting Bricks and Pavers?

When it comes to options available, there are a number of saws for cutting clay bricks.

Brick Saw for Cutting Brick

A bricklayers’ brick cutting machine of choice is… A BRICKSAW!! This is basically a large masonry table saw, or brick cutting table saw, attached to a hose for wet cutting of bricks.

The benefit of a bricksaw is that it is a more comfortable saw to cut brick since it’s up on a stand – so you can cut bricks without bending over all day. These really are the superior saws preferred by brickies for standard clay brick and hard paver cutting. A brick saw blade is usually a 14 inch diamond blade.

Here is a great demo of cutting a paver using a bricksaw blade by Adbri Masonry:

Demo Saw Diamond Blades for Cutting  Brick

Another brick cutting machine that you will find in the back of a bricklayers ute is a demo saw (also known as a power cutter or a quick cut). They often come with a wet kit to allow for wet cutting, which means a better cut and less dust!

A demo saw can be used to cut individual bricks with brick cutting blades, but it is not as comfortable as a brick saw when you have heaps of bricks to cut. But its overriding benefit is that it’s a portable machine. So it really comes in handy when you need to cut into an existing brick wall, or take it around a construction site and cut into other materials.

Depending on the size of your demo saw – the brick cutting saw blades for demo saws generally come in 12 inch, 14 inch or 16 inch sizes. The most popular size brick cutting blades are 14 inch diamond blade for bricks.

Cutting Bricks with an Angle Grinder, Mitre Saw or Circular Saw

Other machines that can be used with bricksaw blades are angle grinders, mitre saws, drop saws, or circular saws. The unfortunate thing about cutting bricks with one of these options is that they don’t cut wet. So you’ll need to buy a diamond blade that specifically allows for dry cutting.

While all diamond blades can be used in wet cutting, you should only use diamond blades that have segments and / or toothed (turbo) rim for dry cutting. These help cool your brick blade down without water.

A Diamond Blade will say in its specifications if it can be used to cut bricks dry or not. Also, dry cutting bricks is very dusty, and can spark. So you need to make sure you take the right safety precautions such as:

– cutting outside

– wearing protective clothing (especially a mask and safety glasses)

– letting the diamond blade regularly cool down.

We recommended you use all safety precautions when you are wet cutting bricks as well.

Cutting Bricks with an Angle Grinder

Angle grinders come in various sizes, and start off at only 4 inches wide. For cutting bricks with angle grinder, you are better off with a larger 7 inch or 9 inch angle grinder. These sizes are more versatile for the construction site.

But if you are doing a small home project and have a couple of pavers to cut and have a small angle grinder, you can cut bricks with a diamond blade.

Just think about it, if you want to cut a brick wall with angle grinder, a 4 inch angle grinder blade is not going to get you far!

Diamond Blade for Carpenter Saw

While circular saws, mitre saws, drop saws and chop saws are usually used for cutting wood, if you have one handy you can cut dry with a masonry blade for a small job! It will be hard on the saw, so its even more important to make sure you don’t apply any pressure during the cut.

This can save you some money on buying or hiring a brick saw. But it will be dusty, and might spark. So as mentioned above, make sure you protect yourself from the hazardous dust.

To cut brick with circular saw or similar, you need to buy a dry cutting diamond blade for bricks. Just make sure the masonry blade is the right size for your machine and operates within the RPM range specified by your circular saw.

The Best Diamond Blades for Cutting Bricks and Pavers

We have pulled together a range of diamond blades that are suited to cutting clay bricks and hard clay pavers. Remember, that not all diamond blades are equal. Each blade has it’s own set of specifications that determines things like:

– cutting quality
– cutting speed

– blade RPM
– lifespan of blade,
– how loud or quiet it is
– whether it is best for wet or dry cutting.

We have made sure the specifications on each diamond blade are as detailed as possible so you can make the best choice based on your job, budget, and saw.
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