Ceramic Tile Diamond Blades

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Ceramic Tile Diamond Blades

When it comes to tiles, you don’t want to make the mistake of thinking they’re all equal and can be cut the same way. The first thing you need to do in working out how to cut tiles is to look at what type of tile you have.

Tiles are made from a variety of materials like ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass and even steel – so it makes sense that there’s a number of tile cutting tools to consider. Some tile materials are harder and more robust than others, and some are fragile and have a tendency to chip if the wrong tile tools are used.

How to cut tile

There are a number of ways to cut tile. The method that you choose will need to be based on your budget, time, and what result you are happy with.

Do you have to use a wet saw to cut ceramic tile?

No, BUT… the best tile tools that professionals choose for cutting ceramic is a tile diamond blade and and wet tile saw. This is how you’ll get the fastest, cleanest cut, with minimal tile breakage.

In saying that, a manual tile cutter can be a great tile cutting tool for professionals or for small jobs. But you need to remember that they do have drawbacks.

If you are inexperienced, you are likely to have a bit of tile wastage with a manual tile cutter. This is because ceramic tiles are highly compressed and fragile. You need to score through the glaze along the whole length of where you wish to cut to make sure the right bits break off. Even when you do manage to break the tile correctly, the cut won’t be as clean as if you did it with a tile saw. If possible, get a tile cutter with an adjustable guide to make sure your tile stays straight while cutting it.

There are many faster ways on how to cut tiles, and professionals often use power tools like wet tile saw blades.

Wet Tile Saw for cutting tiles

A tile saw sprays the diamond blade with water while cutting tiles. This keeps the ceramic tile cutting blade and tile cool, minimises dust, and prevents chipping.

Tile saws generally are a bit smaller and more portable than their bricksaw and block saw counterparts. They are designed with more detailed precision cutting in mind, as they all have built in gradual angle rulers for mitering cuts. 9 inch and 10 inch tile saw blade are the most common size for a tile saw diamond blade.

Are you wondering if there is any trick in how to cut tile with a wet saw? It’s really not difficult once you have the right ceramic tile tools.

To cut a ceramic tile on a tile saw, it is as easy as:

1. placing the tile on the sliding table

2. sliding the table forward towards the stationary blade (to check the cutting path is in line with your marks on the tile).

3. turning on the saw and guiding the spinning ceramic tile diamond blade into the tile – using slow even pressure with both hands.

Cutting tile with Angle Grinder

I have an Angle Grinder I hear you say… can you cut tile with a grinder?

Angle grinders are a good alternative saw to cut tiles as long as you use a proper tile blade for your grinder. Cutting tile with grinder gives a more rough finish, but is suitable for cuts around vents, sinks, walls where the edge will be covered by skirting, metal trimmings, or silicone.

Angle grinders with ceramic tile cutting blades are also useful tools for cutting curves in tiles.

An angle grinder tile blade will be one of the smaller sizes of ceramic tile diamond blades, usually ranging from 4 inch to 9 inch tile diamonds.

There will be a lot of dust so make sure you wear your safety gear.

Have a look at this quick video by the Ultimate Handyman on how to cut a curved tile with an angle grinder and ceramic tile diamond blade. He really shows that cutting tiles with grinder just takes a good steady hand.

Other Saws for Cutting Tiles

Some people ask,

Can you use a circular saw to cut ceramic tile? …or…

Can I cut tile with miter saw?

While these are not the best machines for tile cutting, the answer is YES you can…

If you have a circular saw, mitre saw or drop saw – and just a small tile cutting job – you can use these saws with ceramic tile diamond blades.

To figure out what mitre saw or circular saw blade for cutting ceramic tile you need, consider:

– What size blade does your saw take?

– What is the RPM range of your saw? (The diamond tile blade will specify what its RPM range is)

– You will need a dry cutting tile blade.

As this will be a dry cut, there will be a lot of dust. So as mentioned above, make sure you get a dry cutting blade and make sure you wear protective clothing.

Just keep in mind that ceramic tile diamond blades don’t last as long when cutting dry. You will also get a better cut with a saw that has the ability to cut wet. So depending on the size of the job, you might be better off just hiring or purchasing a wet tile saw.

As with any saw, when cutting tile with a circular saw or mitre saw, don’t apply force – let the diamond tile blade do the cutting.

What should I look for in tile saw blades?

How do you know what type of blade to cut ceramic tile?

Diamond tile blades for ceramic usually have a smooth continuous edge and are thinner than standard diamond blades. This gives the tile a nice thin clean cut.

You might have seen a diamond blade before that has segments around the rim- those types of blade are for thicker and less delicate materials like brick. If you use a segmented blade on a tile, you are more likely to getting chipping in your tile along the cut.

The best Ceramic Tile Diamond Blades

We have pulled together the best diamond blades to cut ceramic tiles so it’s easy for you to find what you need.

That’s not to say these diamond blades can’t cut other materials – no, each diamond blade has unique characteristics which allows it to cut a specific range of materials.

But if you are mainly cutting ceramic tiles, you’ll want to choose a diamond blade most suited to ceramic. And from there you can then think about what other features the tile blades have that suit the secondary cuts you might need to make.

Each blade has unique specifications listed against it that determines things like:
– cutting quality
– cutting speed
– lifespan of blade
– how loud or quiet it is
– whether it is best for wet or dry cutting, and
– what other materials it can cut

We have made sure the diamond blade product descriptions are as detailed as possible so you can make the best choice based on your job and your budget.

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