Concrete Block, Brick and Paver Diamond Blades

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How to cut Concrete Block

The best tool to for cutting concrete block, concrete bricks or concrete pavers is by far a masonry table saw, power cutter, grinder, or circular saw with a diamond blade.

You can get your hammer and chisel out, but you won’t get a clean cut. And abrasive corundum blades are cheap, but wear so fast they end up being more expensive and time consuming than a concrete diamond blade.

Another important thing to consider is whether you are going to cut concrete blocks, bricks or pavers wet or dry.

Dry Cutting of Concrete Blocks, Brick and Pavers

When cutting dry it is best to buy a segmented blade with a turbo rim (toothed rim). This helps to remove dust from the cut and cool down the blade – ultimately extending the life of your blade.

Wet cutting of concrete blocks, brick and pavers

Professionals who cut concrete pavers, bricks and blocks often mostly prefer to cut wet with a demo saw or masonry table saw – also known as a brick saw or concrete block saw. The water helps remove the dust from the air and keeps the blade cool and the cut clean and quick.

Concrete Block, Concrete Paver and Concrete Brick Diamond Blades

The following selection makes it easy to choose the right diamond blades for cutting concrete. We have pulled all the ones suited to concrete block cutting, cutting concrete bricks and concrete pavers together.

Just because all these diamond blades cut concrete, it doesn’t mean they are all the same. Each blade has unique specifications which determines things like

– blade RPM

– what other materials it can cut

– cutting quality
– how loud or quiet it is

– blade size

– cutting speed

– depth of cut
– lifespan of blade,
– whether it is best for wet or dry cutting.

We have made sure the specifications are as detailed as possible so you can make the best choice based on your job and your budget.
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