Reinforced Concrete Diamond Blades

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Why would you need reinforced concrete diamond blades?

When concrete contains steel bars such a rebar (reo) or reinforcement grids, plates or fibres, even large aggregate (stones) it is ultra tough and hard. The more reinforcement in the concrete the higher the tension and the harder the concrete is.

Diamond blades are a great option for cutting reinforced concrete but not all concrete blades are suited to the job.

Why is this?

Well there is all sorts of concrete. Aerated concrete (like hebel), green concrete (that is concrete that is not completely set yet), concrete blocks and bricks, reinforced concrete…

and some of these are soft concrete and some of these are hard concrete.

Not only that, as reinforced concrete contains steel, not all diamond blades can cut concrete containing steel.

So when cutting reinforced concrete you need to be sure that your blade is up to the job.

The following selection makes it easy to choose the right diamond blades for reinforced concrete. We have pulled all the ones suited to cutting reinforced concrete together. Just keep in mind that just because they all cut reinforced concrete, it doesn’t mean they are all the same. Each blade has unique specifications which determines things like

– cutting quality
– cutting speed
– lifespan of blade
– how loud or quiet it is

– depth of the cut
– whether it is best for wet or dry cutting, and

– what other materials it can cut

So you can have confidence in your decision, we have listed all the specifications against each concrete cutting diamond blade. That way you can easily view the features, and work out which one is best for your job.

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