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Attachments for Construction and Garden Equipment

Here at CDBS we have a massive range of tools and machines to help you get through the day’s work. But sometimes you might find yourself having to do a job that doesn’t quite fit the capabilities of your regular equipment. That’s where our selection of attachments comes in!

Each attachment and accessory is specialised to take care of a specific task. Because of this, you can easily do a job that you couldn’t do otherwise with just the base tool or machine. This means that you can diversify the capabilities of the machines you already have, and just attach or remove one of these accessories to prime your construction tool for any task. With our handy attachments, you can get more done, and be more flexible in the field.

We carry attachments for machines that fit different tasks and fields, from gardening to construction and more! Whatever you need, we are sure to have something that can help you out.

Accessories and Attachments for sale Canberra

In addition to all the equipment that you know and love, we carry attachments that enhance those machines and let them take care of more specialised tasks. Every job can be done, it’s just a matter of finding the tools that let you do the job properly and easily. And now it’s easier than ever to find those accessories and attachments!

We are constantly updating our website with more and more available attachments for a wide assortment of machines and tools, so keep an eye on this page! And if you are looking for something specific, and can’t find it here, we might be able to get it in stock! Just ring 02 6242 8996 or send us an email, tell us what you’re after, and we’ll see what we can do.

Need one of your machine attachments fixed up? We can get that done! Thanks to our onsite mechanics, we can do attachment repairs in Canberra with ease, so you can get back to getting high quality results from your premium equipment and accessories.