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10L Jerry Can – Scepter

10 Litre Jerry Can – Scepter Crush-resistant and non corroding high-density polyethylene Cap with inner sealing cap, and flexible self-venting spout Child resistant closure caps Extra large handle for easy pouring Extra rear vent for increase flow rate Fully approved with the AS2906 Australian standards approval...

Jerry Can Green 2-Stroke 5L – Scepter

Jerry Can Green 2-Stroke 5L – Scepter Nowadays, there are different fuel jerry cans available.  A green jerry cannister is the standard colour for a 2 stroke fuel container, so there’s no risk of confusing which fuel type is in the container. This fuel jerrycan has...

Jerry Can Multi-Pack – Scepter

Multi-pack replacement parts kits for Scepter Jerry Cans Includes: Screw Cap Collar Stopper Cap Rear Vent Cap Item Number: 03853, JCA4   Jerrycans, Jerry Cans Kit, Set

Jerry Can, Gas and Oil conjoined – Scepter

Jerry Can – Gas and Oil conjoined – Scepter 6L + 2.25 L Self Venting Child Resistant Closure Item Number: JMJ63   Also known as Jerry Cans, Jerrycans, Fuel Canisters / Containers

LANOX MX4 Lanolin Lubricant – INOX

Lanox Heavy Duty Anti-corrosion Lubricant – 300g. This Lanox spray is a heavy duty anti-corrosion, anti rust, and anti-moisture lubricant. It is the preferred lubricant by mechanics, farmers, personnel in marine applications and in the mining and industrial sector. It’s also great for domestic and...

Two Stroke Oil LS+ 1 Litre – Husqvarna

The Low Smoke+ oil is a mix of mineral- and synthetic oils. It gives off very little smoke and has extremely good lubrication qualities on high load engine details, like for instance the connecting rod bearing. This oil gives very low smoke emissions, especially important...