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Kids Masks for Sale in Australia

Children’s faces are smaller than adults, so just putting your face masks on them won’t be effective. That is because large masks create large gaping at the sides, allowing particles to be breathed in without going through the material.  Thankfully, we have smaller sized kids masks for sale to make it easier to buy face masks for children.

Whether you are looking to buy disposable kids masks, or reusable kids masks, we have them both in stock and for sale ready to deliver to you. These masks are dispatched directly from Canberra to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia wide.

When it comes to buying face masks for your kids, what are the best options? And how old do your children need to be before they can wear them? We’ll cover the answers to these questions and more below.

What masks can you buy for kids?

The best kids face masks for sale are cloth masks or a surgical masks that are made in a smaller size to suit the smaller size of your child’s head. Children shouldn’t wear adult masks as they are just too big, will leave too many gaps which means the won’t get the protection that you are after. If you are wondering where to buy face masks for kids have both reusable and disposable kids face mask in stock ready for dispatch.

What is the best face mask for kids?

Face masks should ideally be comfortable, breathable, and fit around the face without any gaps. It is important to make sure any kids mask that you buy is all of these three things, as getting kids to wear something on their face can be hard enough in itself.

As kids respiratory systems are not as strong as an adult respiratory system, breathability is extremely important.  Some masks like a P2 or N95 mask provide superior protection to adults, but are not safe for children. This is because a child’s breath is more shallow, and they are unable to draw enough air through the completely sealed mask filter. On top of this, many children have a predisposition to childhood asthma, so you want to be certain you buy the best mask for your children.

When you look at all the options out there, the best mask for kids is definitely a disposable surgical mask or a multi-layer cloth mask.

Kids mask with filter

Did you know you can get kids cloth mask with a slot for a PM 2.5 filter. This filter sits in the middle of the mask, and provides additional protection from front on exposures like people talking directly to you or coughing in your direction.

While a P2 or N95 mask is not suitable for kids, a cloth mask with a filter is fine for most children. The point of difference is that even though there is a filter in the centre of the mask, when the child breathes in, air can come through around the filter through the standard cotton section.

This might sound like it defeats the purpose, but the filter still provides that additional protection from front on sprays of particles. That said, when putting a kids mask with a filter on your child (or even a kids mask without a filter) you should make sure you monitor them at the beginning to make sure they are comfortable.

The other great thing about a kids mask with a filter is that it gives you the option on how to wear it. As the basic mask is generally a multi-layer design, they can be used with or without the filter. This means that if you are wearing the mask as a precaution in an extremely low risk of exposure activity you can wear the mask without the filter saving your filter for a higher risk of exposure time.

Buy Kids Masks Online Dispatched From Canberra

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