Reusable Cloth Masks For Sale

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Reusable Cloth Masks for Adults and Children

Cloth masks are a great option for the public when you need a mask to go to the supermarket or even just to get petrol or drop your kids at day care.

Our Cloth Masks for sale are available for delivery across Australia and include Black Masks, Kids Masks, Sponge Masks, Masks with Filters and 3 layer cotton masks.

While cloth masks may not be the right solution for health care workers in hazardous biological environments, they are a comfortable and convenient solution for public use. So you can have that extra protection when you are doing low risk activities like shopping and getting petrol.

Cloth Masks are Reusable

We all want to do our bit for the environment and save some money at the same time. Our cloth masks for sale here in Canberra let you do just that. Just wash you masks after each use, and enjoy the protection that the masks bring.

Fashionable Masks for Sale

When we have to wear these face masks all day, then we want to look good. Take a browse of our varied colours and patterns. From the most popular Black Mask for Sale, to other colours and even pretty patterns to convince the kids that masks would look great on them too!

Why use a Cloth Face Mask?

Cloth masks are the perfect option for community use, especially since they help preserve supplies of surgical masks for use in healthcare and aged care and by people at high risk. Cloth Masks also help protect the environment from the enormous amount of nonbiodegradable waste that is being generated by the widespread use of disposable surgical masks.

How to Wear a Fabric Facemask?

Follow these guidelines on how to wear your masks properly:

– First you need to wash your hands with antibacterial soap or  hand sanitizer before touching your mask.

– Place the mask over the top of your nose and mouth and pull the base down under your chin.

– Adjust your cloth mask, spreading it across the sides of your face, pull the earloops around your ears.

– Once wearing your mask, do not touch it. If you feel like you have to continually adjust your mask, then chances are you need to check your fit, and you might need to find a different mask type or brand.

Cloth Masks Canberra Wide Delivery

Located right here in Canberra you can rely on us to get your face masks to you. We deliver cloth masks Australia wide, so Canberra is not a problem. Just pop your order through, and we will dispatch them as soon as we can. Please note, there is a high demand on masks at the moment and there may be delays.

See our whole range of disposable and reusable face masks and P2 masks for sale for adults and children.

We also have kids cloth masks for sale here.

Our face masks are dispatched from Canberra across Australia