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Level 2 Surgical Mask – Ultra Health – 50 pack

Sub Micron Fluid Resistant Surgical Mask Level 2 Disposable Surgical Face Mask Anti Fog Nose Strip Earloop Submicron Filtration BFE: ≥99% for media greater than 3 microns. Size 17.5cm x 9.5cm Barrier medical face mask materials are evaluated for resistance to penetration by synthetic blood...

Reusable Cloth Masks for Adults + BONUS filters * IN STOCK *

Reusable Cloth Masks for Adults Cloth masks with filters are a great option for the public, especially when they are multi-layer cloth masks. These are 3 layer reusable cloth masks that come in three different colours so you can colour coordinate your outfits. While cloth...

Face mask for Children – 5 pack

$15.00 $9.99
3 Ply Children’s Mask Colour: Pink and White Size: 14.5cm width x 9cm height Application: Kids public mask Type: Disposable Style: Earloop Note: To make these accessible to more people we have taken these masks out of the original packaging and have re-packaged them in lots of 5. Children under...

Daily Protective Face Mask – Box of 50 – Shenyuan

Face Mask for Sale – Box of 50 – Shenyuan These disposable daily protective face masks comes in a handy pack of 50. This is a standard size face mask of 17.5 width by 9.5cm high A daily protective mask looks like a surgical mask...