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Diesel Heater for Sale

Canberra Diamond Blade is Australia’s preeminent online supplier for state of the art locally and internationally made tools and machinery for a wide range of trades.

We have an extensive collection of industrial diesel heaters for sale at our online store. Whether you require a compact, portable diesel heater for easy access and shifting or a diesel workshop heater for large scale applications, we have just the product for you right here at Canberra Diamond Blade (aka CDBS Construction and Garden Centre).

Feel free to browse our range industrial heater for sale and get in contact with our team if you have an enquiry about a specific product available at our online store.

Diesel Heater for Workshops

Are you looking for an industrial diesel heater for your workshop or warehouse? Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers supplies quality workshop diesel heaters.

As we are located in Mitchell, Canberra with our own mechanic workshop onsite. We know how cold it can be in a workshop in winter. To keep our mechanics warm we use a diesel heater. Heating your workshop is essential for staying productive, so let us help you find the right diesel heater for your needs.

Diesel heaters are usually built for commercial applications, like non-insulated workshops and construction sites, since they produce large amounts of heat.

Radiant Diesel Heaters vs Forced Air Space Heaters

We don’t recommend one over the other, as each type is for slightly different purposes. To get the best diesel heater for your space you need to consider the following:

– how long you plan on using it

– size of the space you are wanting to heat

– characteristics of the space you want to heat.

Radiant Diesel Workshop Heater

Radiant diesel heaters are perfect workshop heater. As they don’t use a heavy duty powerful fan they are more fuel efficient than a diesel forced air heater.

Industrial radiant diesel heaters are good for spaces with poor insulation, or high ceilings and even outdoors. They are the best choice in rooms where people can remain within the line of sight of the heater. This is called a spot heater.

This is because they work by heating a metal radient plate at the front of the heater. When the front plate heats up it heats the surrounding air in the workshop.

Since metal is a great conductor of heat, it makes a radiant diesel heater an efficient system for operation over longer periods of time. It also provides an almost immediate heat source.

A small fan often speeds up the process by flowing the hot air away from the machine and into other parts of the workshop or jobsite.

A radiant workshop heater will even continue to keep the area warm for a while after the heater has been turned off until the metal plate cools down.

As you can see in the image below, on the left is conventional fan forced heater. As a fan forced heater is heating the air, a lot of the heat rises. On the right you can see a radiant heater, where due to the metal plate the heat remains in the area where the heater is directed.

These radiant workshop heaters are great because smell of burning fuel is kept to a minimum.

Diesel Fan Heater for Workshops

Air takes a while to heat up, so a fan forced diesel workshop heater gradually warms the air. For smaller spaces, or for sites where are you are just trying to provide direct heat to specific areas, forced air heaters are often the better option.

A fan forced heater draws air in through the back of the machine, and through its robust motors, passes the air through a mechanism containing  heating elements. This heated air is then pushed through the front of your heater creating warm convection currents.

The fan while more costly to run, pushes the air around warming the whole room. So unlike a diesel radiant heater you don’t need to be standing in front of the heater to feel the warmth.

Fan forced heaters while powerful, due to their heavy duty fan they are  noisy to run and create airflow in the room which can pick up dust.

Kerosene Heater

Some diesel-fired heaters like our Fanmaster radiant heater range can also burn kerosene providing a cleaner burn. Kerosene is very stable, safe to use, and remains usable for a long time.

With either fuel, it’s best practice to ensure you have ventilation in the area when using fuel heaters.

How much BTU does my workshop heater need?

OK, first things first. You can’t choose a heater without knowing what heat output you need.  A heater that is too big or too small is just going to not achieve what you want it to achieve.

The higher the BTUs of a unit, the greater it’s ability to warm an area.

Why Buy Industrial Heaters at Canberra Diamond Blade?

Canberra Diamond Blade comes without the hassles of the tool shop. If you have ever found yourself tired of the lines at your local hardware store, sick of the poor standard of customer service or had a hard time finding quality tools and machinery at your local store, then we are perfect for you.

We want to make the purchase of state of the art tools simple, and the same goes for our range of industrial diesel heaters, for sale at our online store. All you have to do is browse and select the portable diesel heater you would like to purchase. Not only this, but our friendly and knowledgeable team of machinery experts will be more than happy to assist you with any enquiries you have regarding the range of portable workshop diesel heaters available at Canberra Diamond Blade.

Need some help choosing a portable diesel heater?

Our team of machinery experts at Canberra Diamond Blade are always happy to help our valued customers with any enquiries they have regarding our products, and the same goes for our range of industrial diesel heaters.

Call us on 026242 8996 or submit an enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help you choose the best portable heater for your space.

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