Measuring Tools

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Measuring Tools

Measuring tools across different trades take on different forms.

We all know the saying “measure twice, cut once” and how much a simple mistake can cost you in time, material and labour. Whether it’s a simple tape measure or a laser level for more complicated layout. Here are CDBS Construction and Garden Centre we offer a range of quality measuring tools for sale.

Gauge rod for bricklaying

A gauge rod is a handy measuring stick for checking the accuracy of the gauge in brickwork. Gauge rods are marked off in required vertical measurements, such as the height of window sills or door heads.

A gauge rod is also known as a story rod when it is used to mark floor and sill levels.

Brick Tape Uses

Similar to a gauge rod, the gauge tape is designed to make a bricklayer’s job easier. It is a speciality masonry measuring tape, marked with a range of brick gauges- that is, standard brick lengths along with mortar joint lengths.

This is a real time and money saver. With a brick tape you don’t need to dry lay your first course of bricks to work out best fit. A brick tape can also reduce unsightly cuts around windows. Before you even start you can easily work out the number of bricks you need for the height and how wide your mortar joints needs to be.

Folding Ruler for General Building

A folding ruler is a number of rigid rulers joined with hinges. They fold together so they can be easily stored and carried. The benefits of a folding rule over a measuring tape is how rigid they are. Folding rules are sometimes called zig-zag rules or jointed rules.

Laser Level for Construction

A laser level projects red or green beam along its horizontal and/or vertical axis. This can give you precise leveling around the room. A Laser level is used across a range of industries where layout is performed and an accurate, level reference is needed.

A lazer level is useful for small jobs like hanging pictures in an exact horizontal line, to larger jobs like tiling bathrooms.

A Bubble Level or Spirit Level

Almost every tradie on the job site would have a bubble level in their ute. It is a more simple tool than a lazer level for determining if a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb).

A bubble level is generally made from a metal bar, containing a sealed glass tube, filled with liquid and an air bubble. When the bubble is dead centre- you have got your level.

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